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The Creation Answers Book
by Various

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‘I cannot put into words how much all
this info has helped me.’

A few months ago I bought the Answers book at a homeschool seminar, came home and found that I already had "The Lie: Evolution" book half read from a couple of years ago. So I read them and also found your website at about the same time. I cannot put into words how much all this info has helped me. I visit this site everyday. It is so well put together. It has given me a new passion for God, and the Bible. I am trying to spread my new found knowledge to all my friends and family to spark a passion within them as well.
I wish I were rich, so I could just pay for the whole museum. I will give what I can though, and hope to be there for the grand opening. Also, the Best of Ken Ham tapes are awesome too. It is so awesome having people fighting this battle, and upholding the word of God no matter what. Keep fighting, you are making a difference!
You are in my daily prayers,

They say time is money. Well, this site provides over 30 years of information. That’s a lot of money and time. Would you support our efforts to keep this information coming for 30 more years? Support this site

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