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Creation  Volume 23Issue 3 Cover

Creation 23(3):55
June 2001

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Creation Magazine Volume 23 Issue 3 CoverFirst published:
Creation 23(3):55
June 2001
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Life's origin: Still a 'mystery' for evolutionists

‘Even on Earth the origin of life is a stubbornly enduring mystery. “How can a collection of chemicals form themselves into a living thing without any interference from outside?”? asks Paul Davies, a physicist and writer. “On the face of it, life is an exceedingly unlikely event,”? he argues. “There is no known principle of matter that says it has to organize itself into life. I’m very happy to believe in my head that we live in a biofriendly universe, because in my heart I find that very congenial. But we have not yet discovered the Life Principle.”?’

Joel Achenbach, Life Beyond Earth, National Geographic, January 2000, p. 45.

Perhaps Professor Davies and colleagues are not looking in the right place for the real 'Life Principle' (see John 14:6).

Long before this site existed, many millions searched on the word “creation”. When they do that now they will get to know this site exists and read the evidence that God is Creator. Help reach millions. Support this site

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