The Creation Answers Book

The Creation Answers Book

by (contributing editor), Dr David Catchpoole, Dr Jonathan Sarfati and Dr Carl Wieland

Is there really a God? Where did Cain find his wife? What about the gap theory? Are radioisotope dating methods reliable? How did ‘bad things’ come about?

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Chapter 1: Does God Exist? PDF icon

  • Does God exist?
  • Is there objective evidence that God exists?
  • What are the consequences of atheism?
  • Where did God come from? Can we know God personally?
  • See Study Guide, Lesson 1

Chapter 2: Six days? Really? PDF icon

  • Six days? Really?
  • Are the days of creation ordinary days? Could they be long periods of time?
  • Why six days? Is Genesis Poetry?
  • Does the length of the days really affect the Gospel?
  • How can there be ‘days’ without the sun on the first three days?
  • Does Genesis 2 contradict Genesis 1?
  • What about the framework hypothesis?
  • See Study Guide, Lesson 2

Chapter 3: What about gap theories? PDF icon

  • What about gap theories?
  • What is the ruin-reconstruction theory?
  • Is the ‘soft gap’ idea better?
  • See Study Guide, Lesson 3

Chapter 4: What about carbon dating? PDF icon

  • What about carbon dating?
  • How does the carbon ‘clock’ work? Is it reliable?
  • What does carbon dating really show?
  • What about other radiometric dating methods?
  • Is there evidence that the earth is young?
  • See Study Guide, Lesson 4

Chapter 5: How can we see stars in a young universe? PDF icon

  • How can we see distant stars in a young universe?
  • If the universe is young and it takes millions of years for light to get to us from many stars, how can we see them?
  • Did God create light in transit?
  • Was the speed of light faster in the past?
  • Does this have anything to do with the ‘big bang’?
  • See Study Guide, Lesson 5

Chapter 6: How did ‘bad things’ come about? PDF icon

  • How did ‘bad things’ come about?
  • If God’s original creation was ‘very good’, why is ‘nature red in tooth and claw’ now?
  • Did God create animals with defence-attack structures?
  • Or were they re-designed after the Fall?
  • Wouldn’t there be a population explosion if animals did not eat each other?
  • See Study Guide, Lesson 6

Chapter 7: What about arguments for evolution? PDF icon

  • What about arguments for evolution?
  • Do similarities between creatures prove that they had a common ancestor (evolved)?
  • Is human and chimp DNA very similar?
  • Do human embryos go through animal stages as they develop?
  • Do we have useless left-over bits of animals in us? What about ‘ape-men’?
  • See Study Guide, Lesson 7

Chapter 8: Who was Cain’s wife? PDF icon

  • Who was Cain’s wife?
  • It is now not lawful to marry your sister. So if Adam and Eve were the only two people God created, how could their son Cain find a wife?
  • How is this important to the Gospel?
  • See Study Guide, Lesson 8

Chapter 9: Were the 'Sons of God' and/or nephilim extra-terrestrials? PDF icon

  • Were the ‘sons of God’ and/or nephilim extra-terrestrials?
  • Has Earth been visited by extra-terrestrials? Could life exist ‘out there’?
  • What about UFOs and government cover-ups?
  • See Study Guide, Lesson 9

Chapter 10: Was the Flood global? PDF icon

  • Was the Flood global?
  • Does it matter?
  • Does the Bible say that Noah’s Flood covered the whole earth?
  • Is there any evidence outside the Bible for such a Flood?
  • See Study Guide, Lesson 10

Chapter 11: What about continental drift? PDF icon

  • What about continental drift?
  • Have the continents really moved apart?
  • How could this relate to the Bible’s account of history?
  • Could it have had something to do with the Flood?
  • See Study Guide, Lesson 11

Chapter 12: Noah’s Flood—what about all that water? PDF icon

  • Noah’s Flood—what about all that water?
  • Where did all the water come from for the Flood?
  • Was there a water vapour canopy?
  • How was Mt Everest covered with water?
  • Where did the water go after the Flood?
  • How could this have happened?
  • See Study Guide, Lesson 12

Chapter 13: How did the animals fit on Noah’s Ark? PDF icon

  • How did the animals fit on Noah’s Ark?
  • What animals went onto the Ark?
  • Where did they store all the food?
  • How could the Ark be big enough?
  • What about all the animal wastes?
  • See Study Guide, Lesson 13

Chapter 14: How did fresh and saltwater fish survive the flood? PDF icon

  • How did freshwater and saltwater fish
    survive the Flood?
  • How did saltwater fish survive dilution of the seawater with freshwater, or how did freshwater types survive in saltwater?
  • And how did plants survive?
  • See Study Guide, Lesson 13 (continued)

Chapter 15: Where are all the human fossils? PDF icon

  • Where are all the human fossils?
  • Why are human fossils not found with trilobites, for example?
  • If humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time, why aren’t their fossils found together?
  • How could the Flood produce the order in the fossil record?
  • See Study Guide, Lesson 14

Chapter 16: What about the Ice Age? PDF icon

  • What about the Ice Age?
  • How many ice ages were there?
  • Where does an ice age fit into the biblical account?
  • How much of the earth was covered by ice?
  • How long did it last?
  • What about the frozen mammoths?
  • How were people affected?
  • See Study Guide, Lesson 15

Chapter 17: How did the animals get to Australia? PDF icon

  • How did animals get to Australia?
  • How did the animals get from remote countries to the Ark?
  • After the Flood, did kangaroos hop all the way to Australia?
  • What did koalas eat on the way?
  • See Study Guide, Lesson 16

Chapter 18: How did all the different ‘races’ arise? PDF icon

  • How did all the different ‘races’ arise?
  • What is a ‘race’? How did different skin colours come about?
  • What are the consequences of false beliefs about ‘race’?
  • Are black people the result of a curse on Ham?
  • See Study Guide, Lesson 17

Chapter 19: What about dinosaurs? PDF icon

  • What about dinosaurs?
  • Was there an ‘age of dinosaurs’ long before people came on the scene?
  • What does the Bible say about dinosaurs?
  • What do dinosaur fossils tell us?
  • How could so many huge dinosaurs fit on Noah’s Ark?
  • What happened to the dinosaurs?
  • See Study Guide, Lesson 18

Chapter 20: What can I do? PDF icon

  • What can I do?

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