The Greatest Hoax On Earth? Refuting Dawkins on Evolution

About the Author

Jonathan D. Sarfati, Ph.D, F.M., was born in Ararat, Australia, in 1964. He moved to New Zealand as a child, where he later studied mathematics, geology, physics, and chemistry at Victoria University in Wellington. He obtained honors level in physical and inorganic chemistry, as well as in condensed matter physics and nuclear physics.

Dr Sarfati received his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the same institution in 1995 on the topic of spectroscopy, especially vibrational. He has co-authored various technical papers on such things as high temperature superconductors and sulfur- and selenium-containing ring and cage molecules.

As well as being very interested in formal logic and philosophy, Dr Sarfati is a keen chess player. He represented New Zealand in three Chess Olympiads and is a former New Zealand national chess champion. In 1988, F.I.D.E., the International Chess Federation, awarded him the title of F.I.D.E. Master (F.M.). He is well-known at major creation conferences for successfully playing, while blindfolded, up to 12 sighted challengers simultaneously.

A Christian since 1984, he was for some years on the editorial committee of Apologia, the journal of the Wellington Christian Apologetics Society, of which he was a co-founder.

Dr Sarfati has since 1996 worked full-time for Creation Ministries International (CMI), a non-profit ministry grouping, as a research scientist, speaker and editorial consultant for Creation Magazine and the associated Journal of Creation, and has written many articles for both.

For most of this time, he was based in the CMI office in Brisbane, Australia, until transferring to the CMI-US office in Atlanta, Georgia, in early 2010 with his American-born wife Sherry.

Jonathan has authored the books Refuting Evolution (the biggest selling creation book of all time—apart from the Bible, of course), Refuting Evolution 2, Refuting Compromise (a comprehensive theological and scientific defense of straightforward Genesis) and By Design: The evidence for nature's intelligent designer, the God of the Bible. In addition, he has co-authored several other books, including the popular Creation Answers Book.

He also contributes specialist information to CMI's multi-country website