The Greatest Hoax On Earth? Refuting Dawkins on Evolution

Readers’ Comments Post-Publication

“In fact, I couldn’t put the jolly thing down, it was FANTASTIC. Of course, I knew I was in for a treat, having read RE1&2 and Refuting Compromise and By Design. But it’s just so WONDERFUL to see that Dawkins is rebutted so comprehensively in this book. CONGRATULATIONS+++ and a huge thank you to everyone at CMI who put in the big effort to get this book out so quickly. I can’t tell you how much of an encouragement this is to me.”
Lyle L., Queensland, Australia, 18 March 2010

A thoroughly enjoyable read. … Sarfati presents his arguments in a clear and concise manner and makes it quite approachable to those with a mild interest in the areas of biology and geology. He ruthlessly takes on Dawkins' "Greatest Show on Earth" point for point leaving little to no wiggle room, using the latest research and referencing an abundant array of sources. … this book is an excellent resource for those who are beginning questioning their naturalistic faith and are becoming increasingly disappointed with the shallowness of the 'evolution did it' answer.
A.C. March 2010

Hi Dr Sarfati,
    I just finished reading your book. Thank you and congratulations. I am not a scientist but I could understand most of what was presented and got a lot out of it, including an understanding of "bait and switch tactics" and "straw man demolition jobs".
    The parts to which I most related and could confidently use in the future are the many indications for an age of the earth too young for evolution to have occurred, and the tearing apart of the assumptions about the geological column.
    But of course you showed a consummate ease in dealing with origin of life issues. Abiogenesis is right up your alley as a chemist and it shows. … Some of these concepts were a little beyond me, but not by too far. No doubt I will read the book again … . Thanks once again for the many hours of hard work you must have put into this book for the benefit of the saints.
Tony D., Australia, 29 March 2010

“…. am enjoying ‘Hoax’ a lot and I can’t wait to finish it so I can start it again.”
A few days later he wrote:
“Have finished ‘Hoax’ and I think it is positively the best tool yet for people to defend the Bible and Christianity. I hope to give it away to a friend over Easter in which case I will require another one.”
Rich G., Australia, 31 March 2010

I have just finished reading two masterpieces of scientific exposition written so carefully in mostly common language, just like the Bible. Dr Jonathan Sarfati has prepared, in "Refuting Compromise" and "The Greatest Hoax on Earth", such well written and thoroughly referenced books that I believe these works will eventually enter our global Christian heritage. With a knowledge of this material Christians everywhere finally have the informational weaponry to not just withstand but to refute evolutionary teaching everywhere. Even folk without formal scientific education should be able to understand the core information here that Dr Sarfati has presented so well!  
   Dr Sarfati has responded to the misinformed and misinforming claims of both Dr Ross and Dr Dawkins with firm courtesy and respect, unlike either of the above, deploying the razor sharp insight of an objective and carefully factual scientific mind to devastating effect. 
   Well done Dr Safati! I shall forever be in awe of God for raising you to this task. I have told a great many people about these books and have already given one away for another professional to read as I often do with CMI materials including CMI’s excellent teaching videos.
Shane R.(with an honours degree in engineering), Australia, 17 April 2010

Just wanted to say that I've just finished reading Dr. Sarfati's 'The Greatest Hoax On Earth?', and to tell you I loved it. Please send a 'Thank you' to Dr. Sarfati. You people are a great support, in a world that's gone crazy over 'science falsely called'. Thank you for your edification.
Fiona S., Australia, April 2010

Just finished reading Dr Sarfati's book, The Greatest Hoax on Earth and all I can say is this man is a God-send. The book is absolutely fascinating even for a layman like myself. I bought a second copy to pass to a friend. I have been a subscriber of Creation Mag for many years and I pass them along to anyone who cares to read them. They too are fascinating. What a wonderful job you people are doing, may God bless each and every one of you.
Robert M. from Canada June 2010

Hi Jonathan,
I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed reading your latest book refuting Dawkins. Actually your book has helped to re-establish my faith again and I'm heading back to church this week. . It's been a long, hard battle. [but God is] simply amazing... I really appreciate what you and the rest of the team do at CMI by not only showing the truth to those who aren't aware of it, but giving hope to those of us who've gone astray.
Shane B from Perth, Australia June 2010

Dr Sarfati's book is excellent.
Dean M, Australia June 2010

I have just finished reading "The Greatest Hoax on Earth" by Jonathan Sarfati. Creation vs evolution is not a scientific battle but a very intricate religious and spiritual battle. I stand amazed at how an obviously brilliant mind [like Dawkins] can be twisted and used by the enemy. We should always pray for people like Richard Dawkins that he may find the grace and humility to see the truth. And thank God that he has raised brilliant minds like Jonathan Sarfati to strengthen our faith and understanding when and where the enemy succeeds in getting a foothold... Thank you for your amazing ministry and wonderful resources. Four years ago I experienced a paradigm shift (from evolutionism) which was a supernatural and very scary process. For weeks I fought a battle against the truth and was confused and wept many tears. Then I became angry at how gullible and stupid I was to have turned from God at university and not have found the answers when I needed them... God bless, and pray for the Netherlands too....we sure are not a God-fearing nation!
Zelda K, Netherlands June 2010

Prior to reading Jonathan Sarfati’s book The Greatest Hoax On Earth, I read The Greatest Show On Earth by Richard Dawkins. (If Dawkins had any real evidence for evolution, I wanted to know about it. After all, it is not a matter of what I believe, it is a matter of what is truth.)

Throughout Dawkins’ book, I highlighted sentences and scribbled down notes. One does not need to be a scientist to identify many of Dawkins’ strategies. He may be a clever wordsmith but an open and inquisitive mind should be able to identify his convoluted, fanciful and illogical hypotheses and imaginary reconstructions that hold little scientific weight. As for heavy science, I simply noted these passages to compare with Dr Safarti’s explanations—and wow! What a revelation! Not only did I find Dr Sarfati’s book relatively easy to follow, I was also impressed by its tone, which was professional and respectful, as opposed to Dawkins' who lowered any credibility with cutting sarcasm and name-calling anyone who disagrees with him.

Thank you Dr Safarti for running the Dawkins challenge. Just like the cover of The Greatest Hoax on Earth pictures—your scientific inquiry and scrutiny, steadfast logic and Bible-based presupposition wins hands down! I only wish every copy of The Greatest Show On Earth was sold packaged with The Greatest Hoax On Earth and every reader was obliged to read both sides of the controversy. Wouldn’t that be interesting?
Zoe K, Australia July 2010

I do give Richard Dawkins credit for trying to carry on a debate with creationists even though he loses both on stage and in the battle of books. "Hoax" is an outstanding read and covers in detail the workings of the eye in a way that the layman can understand it. After reading the book I cannot imagine that Dawkins or [PZ] Myers would now debate Dr. Sarfati. They would have a better chance taking him on at chess!
Kimbal B, USA July 2010

Just as a word of encouragement, I was reminded today at work of Dr. Sarfati’s excellent most recent book. I am a systems engineer at an optical systems company. We make military optics. One of the technologies that is being studied in the industry is using eye tracking to only focus/process a small field of view in high resolution in order to minimize data processing requirements. This design mimics that of the eye that Dr. Sarfati described. The fovea provides sharp vision narrowly to limit the required processing in the human brain. Engineers follow God’s design yet again.
[Writer gave permission; just no name because of where he works]

Carolyn T: I'm reading this book right now--it's one of the best I've read yet. It really brings things out that I've never seen written about before, and has provided me with a lot of "ammunition" as I am a Christian working in a VERY evolutionary dinosaur museum.

Grant V: It is a great book. Fairly easy to read but still in depth in the science. Well done Jonathan.

David C: Jonathan is a great writer. He has the ability to distill complicated issues down to the essentials, and reveal flawed logic. It's a great book, especially for answering Dawkins' disciples on The Greatest Show.

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I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate CMI and Dr Sarfati on a tremendously important book. … God bless you for producing such a book and may He continue to use it in the lives of many more.
Stephen G, UK August 2010

The Greatest Hoax on Earth is an absolutely fantastic book. The only problem with it is that I keep having to buy more copies as I give them all away to atheist friends! I pray that God blesses your ministry and you continue with your God honouring work.
Jason T, UK August 2010