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Has journalism been compromised in the creation-evolution debate? April 22, 2014
How the media lacks balance in the creation-evolution debate.

How cats drink milk without wetting their chins April 21, 2014
Contrary to popular belief, cats do not ‘ladle’ milk into their mouths.

The new earth April 20, 2014
What do we have to look forward to?

‘Race mixing’ and animal hybrids—condemned by God? April 19, 2014
Answering a critic who says that it is wrong to create animal hybrids and that God is opposed to interracial marriage.

The search for meaning, and what it means April 18, 2014
A review of Surprised by Meaning by Alister McGrath.

Are there out-of-sequence fossils that are problematic for evolution? April 17, 2014
Bill Nye’s claim that there are no out-of-order fossils puts a bullseye on a weak spot for evolution.

The Mole April 16, 2014
Whether you love them or hate them (ugh, those molehills!), moles are testimony to a Creator.

Activist challenges judges to redefine chimpanzees’ legal status April 15, 2014
Although judges haven’t yet caved in to Steven Wise’s appeals for animals to be given human rights, they acknowledge his case is growing stronger.

Teenage mutant ninja people April 14, 2014
Why comic book fiction is not biological reality

Craters, radiohalos, and ‘geologic time’ April 13, 2014
Just because a long-ager claims something doesn’t make it so.

Whale evolution fraud April 12, 2014
Whale evolution depends on three fossil species. Claims about these being transitional to whales have now been shown to be bogus.

The puzzle of disharmonious associations during the Ice Age April 11, 2014
Why are so many Ice Age fossils found in strange climates?

Setting the captives free, one (or two?) at a time April 10, 2014
How do you attract an atheist (or two!) to church?

Design in Australian plants—The Australian Greenhood Orchid April 9, 2014
From the landing stage, to the exit gate, it’s no accident that the travel corridor for a gnat visiting an orchid is strictly one-way.

Nephesh chayyāh April 8, 2014
Life can only truly be understood by starting with the Creation account in the Bible.

Prioritizing People April 7, 2014
Carl Wieland chats with environmental biologist Douglas Oliver

Does the Bible trump all evidence? April 6, 2014
Should creationists stick with their views no matter what the evidence says?

Cosmos by Neil deGrasse Tyson
Episode 2: “Some of the things that molecules do”
April 5, 2014
Neil deGrasse Tyson is a worthy successor—as an atheistic propagandist—to Carl Sagan, but nothing we haven’t refuted.

Vas deferens—refuting ‘bad design’ arguments April 4, 2014
Refuting ‘bad design’ arguments.

Hey, not so fast with the Nobel Prize! April 3, 2014
Cosmologists cast doubt on recent evidence cited for big bang ‘inflation’

Heard of elephants? April 2, 2014
A fascinating look at the world’s largest living land animal …

Noah movie making waves April 1, 2014
It’s unfortunate that this movie ‘inspired by’ the biblical account of the global Flood falls short.

The Singapore Evolution Garden March 31, 2014
Its exotic plants actually show evolution has not happened

UK hospitals heated by incinerated babies March 30, 2014
In what can only be described as an obscene byproduct of evolutionary thinking, hospital authorities show complete disregard for life by burning human remains for heating.

The reality of suffering, and the Gospel confronting culture March 29, 2014
The Gospel inevitably changes the cultures it encounters–and that’s a good thing.

A theistic paleontologist with dubious theology and little-better science March 28, 2014
A theistic paleontologist with dubious theology and little-better science.

Thomas Nagel—The atheist who dared to question materialism March 27, 2014
Neo-Darwinists are upset that an atheist philosopher has questioned their view of materialism.

A tale of ancient toothpaste March 26, 2014

Joanna Lumley: The Search for Noah’s Ark March 25, 2014
Joanna Lumley looks for Noah’s Ark, and finds lots of evidence for the Flood.

Telling tales—how evolutionists ‘spin’ their story March 24, 2014
‘Early Cambrian’ arthropod fossils showing ‘exceptionally preserved eyes’ with ‘modern optics’ should be an eye-opener for evolutionists—but they resort to ‘spin’ instead

Nothing new under the Cosmos March 23, 2014
Neil deGrasse Tyson is a worthy successor—as an atheistic propagandist—to Carl Sagan, but nothing we haven’t refuted.

BioLogos, theistic evolution and the Pelagian heresy March 22, 2014
In the debate over an historical Adam BioLogos revives an old heresy that leads to the destruction of the Gospel.

New science on the young sun, and Earth migration March 21, 2014
Could an earth closer to the sun solve the evolutionary faint young sun paradox?

Has the ‘smoking gun’ of the ‘big bang’ been found? March 20, 2014
Media headlines make people think that some astounding scientific ‘proof’ has been discovered. The reality is far less spectacular.

Grotesque dinosaur cannibals! March 19, 2014
The Bible says God created animals to reproduce ‘after their kind’. But these dinosaurs ate their own kind! Go figure …

Arguments evolutionists should not use March 18, 2014
When the arguments used to support evolution are examined, how many actually pass muster?

Is God a ‘moral monster’? March 17, 2014
How do we answer challenges of ‘atrocities’ in the Old Testament?

David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive March 16, 2014
Evidence for Genesis not evolution at the Natural History Museum!

Are there side issues in Scripture? March 15, 2014
How do we differentiate salvation issues as opposed to others?

Creationism and millennialism among the Church Fathers March 14, 2014
What did early Church Fathers believe about creation and why?

Being ‘ready to answer’ March 13, 2014
When you know of Romans 1:20 and 1 Peter 3:15, it can change your life—and the lives of people you meet!

The Parable of the Candle March 12, 2014
When Chris and Lucy found a note and a lighted candle that Manuel had left for them, loud-mouthed Lucy brought her ‘forensic science’ to the fore.

Another case of academic fraud highlights cheating in the sciences March 11, 2014
Many secular scientists are willing to report false and fraudulent data to get noticed.

The silky anteater March 10, 2014
It loves to hide in silk-cotton trees, where it’s well camouflaged. And it eats ants. Lots of ants. Up to 8,000 ants in a single night

The attack on biblical creation in UK schools continues March 9, 2014
The continuing secular offensive against any whiff of creationist influence in UK school classrooms should give pause for thought.

How could unfallen Adam have sinned? March 8, 2014
A correspondent asks: If the relationship between Adam and God was ‘very good’, why did Adam go against Him?

The authoritative dinosaur book March 7, 2014
The authoritative dinosaur book.

Gay Marriage—a big stick to beat the church with March 6, 2014
Gay marriage is becoming the law of the land—and Christians are being ordered to cater to this in ways that violate our faith.

Enter the sea dragon March 5, 2014
Did you know that ‘sea dragons’ suck unsuspecting prey into their mouths? Thankfully they’re only small …

Anchoring their faith March 4, 2014
Providing answers helps people when they are questioning the faith.

Vegetarian shark March 3, 2014
This nurse shark refuses to eat fish or meat. She uses her razor-sharp, serrated teeth to pulp broccoli and cabbage instead.

David Attenborough’s Dawn of the Mammals March 2, 2014
David Attenborough’s old tricks—explained and refuted.

Back to the beginning1 March 1, 2014
Contrary to the assertions of many secularists, science supports the Bible rather than undermines it.

The evolutionary paradox of the Roraima pollen of South America is still not solved February 28, 2014
An evolutionary paradox still not solved.

Is the dog’s ‘collar bone’ vestigial? February 27, 2014
The dog’s shoulder is a brilliant design, in spite of evolutionary teaching to the contrary.

Coral: animal, vegetable and mineral February 26, 2014
Coral reefs are masses of limestone created as the polyps build their skeletons—an amazing symbiosis between an animal and algae. They grow quickly. Bye-bye millions of years.

The ‘Trojan Horse’ of deep time February 25, 2014
Many Christians want to increase the church’s influence in the culture but still cling to the very idea that eroded biblical authority in the first place.

Saving the ‘billions of years’ age of Titan February 24, 2014
Saturn’s moon Titan is sinking old-age ideas, despite rescue attempts.

David Attenborough’s Rise of Animals, February 23, 2014
Sir David—up to his old tricks!

The watchers and genetic diversity February 22, 2014
Is there genetic evidence of the Nephilim? And does the genetic diversity of animals today match what we would expect from the biblical account?

‘Ancient’ coral growth layers February 21, 2014
Do ‘ancient’ corals show that days were shorter than now?

God’s Not Dead movie review February 20, 2014
It is true that ‘God is not dead’ but the arguments used in this movie to prove it have some major problems.

Sermon ideas February 19, 2014
What do you teach a congregation that already believes the Genesis creation account?

How I became a Christian February 18, 2014
CMI’s Jonathan O’Brien tells how he became a Christian, a geologist, and a young-Earth believer.

Discovering scientific evidence for creation February 17, 2014
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Is Genesis allegory or poetry? February 16, 2014
If Genesis is mere ‘poetry’ or allegory, then what about the resurrection of Jesus?

How old is Australia’s Great Barrier Reef? February 15, 2014
It’s a lot younger than many people believe.

Information Theory—part 3: introduction to Coded Information Systems February 14, 2014
Introduction to Coded Information Systems.

Creation evangelism in Japan February 13, 2014
Japanese churches using Acts 17 evangelism see conversion growth.

Dugongs: ‘sirens’ of the sea February 12, 2014
The order Sirenia defies evolutionary classification.

Camels and the Bible February 11, 2014
Do the recent claims that there were no camels in Canaan until long after Abraham disprove the Bible?

Original Animal Protein in Fossils? February 10, 2014
Complex biomolecules such as proteins are increasingly being found in fossils supposedly ‘millions of years old’.

What was Adam’s sin? February 9, 2014
Adam’s sin: deliberately choosing to disobey God and so putting his own authority above God’s.

Box jellyfish eyes surprise scientists February 8, 2014
The lowly, ‘basal’ box jellyfish has astonished scientists with its capacity to see things above the water.

Information Theory—part 2: weaknesses in current conceptual frameworks February 7, 2014
Weaknesses in current conceptual frameworks.

Clash over worldviews February 6, 2014
An analysis of the debate: Is creation a viable model for describing nature?

Bats—sophistication in miniature February 5, 2014
For the amazing echolocation ability of bats to function properly, both emitting and receiving organs must be present, and cooperate. (There are other problems too, to drive evolutionists ‘batty’.)

Is God inconsistent? February 4, 2014
Is the God of the OT different from the NT?

Buddha, science and Jesus February 3, 2014
Pastor uses creation and science to help reach Buddhists.

Is faithless education possible? February 2, 2014
The claim that modern secular education is not religious, or neutral, is false; it is actually atheism.

Parícutin February 1, 2014
Helps us see how the shape of the earth can be changed—without the millions of years

Information Theory—part 1: overview of key ideas January 31, 2014
An overview of the key views about information theory by leading thinkers in the creation/evolution controversy.

It’s all talk,Tiktaalik can’t walk January 30, 2014
A fishy story that has no legs.

Fascinating cuttlefish January 29, 2014
With green blood, three hearts, and able to change colour in a flash, the cuttlefish sounds like a ‘weird aliens’ movie creature.

Dinosaur soft tissue January 28, 2014
The significant amount of soft tissue being found in dinosaur bones is causing evolutionists to grasp at straws in order to explain its existence.

Homology made simple January 27, 2014
Does common anatomy necessarily point to common ancestry?

Did Adam sin out of love for Eve? January 26, 2014
Correspondents take CMI to task over our ‘attitude’ to Adam.

Claimed dark matter ‘find’ won’t help end ‘big bang’ crisis January 25, 2014
How should creationists respond to claims that dark matter has been found?

Did Darwin plagiarize his evolution theory? January 24, 2014
Some historians believe that all the major contributions Darwin is credited with in regard to evolution theory actually were plagiarized from other scientists.

End bad science and discrimination in education policies January 23, 2014
Governments bow to special interests to impose belief systems in schools.

Koala—The bear that isn’t! January 22, 2014
Highly specialized for living in eucalypt trees, the koala is something of an evolutionary mystery, with its marsupial pouch opening backwards (unlike the kangaroo’s, and possum’s, which open forwards).

Evolutionists divided over coexistence of placental mammals and dinosaurs January 21, 2014
Evolution textbooks have said for years that placental mammals didn’t appear until after dinosaurs went extinct. But now many are saying that’s wrong.

Dazzling DNA January 20, 2014
A huge collaborative study finds that most, and probably all, human DNA is functional (contrary to evolutionist predictions)

Breeding unicorns January 19, 2014
Are there any limits to the production of hybrid animals?

Why so many planets? January 18, 2014
Can populated planets arise by chance, and are empty planets a waste of space?

The geological column is a general Flood order with many exceptions January 17, 2014
A general Flood order with many exceptions.

What percentage is acceptable to you? January 16, 2014
Is your family equipped to stand against the challenge?

Frogs—Jeremiah was not a bullfrog January 15, 2014
When the band Three Dog Night sang ‘Jeremiah was a bullfrog’, was it making an evolutionary statement?

The tide is changing … January 14, 2014
Are you equipped to answer the world’s challenges to biblical authority?

Kauai’s silent nights (the crickets have gone quiet) January 13, 2014
A parasitic fly has silenced the crickets on this Hawaian island. But crickets remain there yet.

The spiritual death of the Adam tribe? January 12, 2014
Do the ‘years’ of Genesis 5 actually refer to generations?

Is ‘the ultimate curse’ the result of ‘the sin of Adam and Eve’? January 11, 2014
A reader questions ‘omitting’ Adam’s helpmate from blame for the world’s tragic condition.

Is the geological column a global sequence? January 10, 2014
A global sequence?

Thinking ‘upside-down’! January 9, 2014
When you think through challenges to the faith with a creation foundation, it is easy to come up with answers.

Camels—confirmation of creation January 8, 2014
Renowned for their ability to carry goods across arid wastelands, camels use three main mechanisms to survive when forced to go without water.

So obvious … now! January 7, 2014
When we start evaluating our personal journey, we can do so with ‘20:20 hindsight’.

Broken images January 6, 2014
What happened to the image of God in mankind after the Fall?

Is creation apologetics a problem? January 5, 2014
Does biblical creation distract from the Gospel?

An ‘old-earth’ answer provides only problems January 4, 2014
An old-earth fails to deal with the major point raised in a CMI article. In fact, he actually makes the point and ignores four fundamental problems.

Scientific orthodoxy, theological innovation January 3, 2014
A review of The Cambridge Companion to Science and Religion by Peter Harrison (Ed.)

Why would a loving God allow death and suffering? January 2, 2014
How can we reconcile a God of love with the natural and moral evils in the world, including tragedies, atrocities, disabilities, and pain?

A living dinosaur? January 1, 2014
Does the Congo’s ‘mokele-mbembe’ also live in PNG?

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