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Will comet Elenin destroy us?

And: What about the planets lining up in the sky?

Published: 4 August 2011 (GMT+10)
Comet Elenin

Readers’ comments

Brian and Maria S., New Zealand
Thank you for your clear explanation of gravitational laws. I am now at peace about not being destroyed by either a global deluge or Comet Elenin.
Hans G., Australia
Beautiful article explaining the senseless sensationalism about this event.
Keith C., UK
Your website is a wonderful resource! I just wish I had time to read lots more of it!!
But isn’t it the suggestion that Elenin is a Brown Dwarf i.e. much greater mass than a comet, that threatens catastrophe on Earth—and not addressed by Dr Sarfati as far as I saw?
Jonathan Sarfati responds

Dear Mr C.

Thank you for your kind words about our site. With over 8,000 articles, I am not surprised that you haven’t read them all.

There isn’t the slightest chance that Elenin is a brown dwarf. This is a failed star, between about 10 and 60 times the mass of Jupiter, in turn over 300 times the mass of Earth. It stretches credibility to think that the mass has been so mismeasured for Elenin, and how it would escape detection from the enormous perturbation of planetary and moon orbits. So there was no point in addressing this suggestion in the article, as opposed to assuming that the comet identification was right.


Jonathan Sarfati

Ronald M., Australia
Once again, Dr Sarfati’s brilliant mind at work. His logic is catastrophic to old-earthers.
BTW, I had a discussion at work the other day about the age of the earth. When I mentioned 6000 years one man scoffed. Another couldn’t believe I said it, but listened. I explained to him about his faith position in regard to evolution, and he realised what I said was true. I gave a few examples of evolutionary frauds and evidences for creation. He seemed quite impressed that I could defend my position from an intelligent viewpoint. Thanks to Creation Ministries, and all glory to God!!!
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