Table of Contents

Index of Creation Answers Book chapters

Lesson 1

Does God exist?
(Chapter 1)

Lesson 2

Did God really take six days?
(Chapter 2)

Lesson 3

What about the ‘gap theory’?
(Chapter 3)

Lesson 4

What about carbon dating?
(Chapter 4)

Lesson 5

How can we see distant stars in a young universe?
(Chapter 5)

Lesson 6

How did bad things come about?
(Chapter 6)

Lesson 7

What about arguments for evolution?
(Chapter 7)

Lesson 8

Who was Cain’s wife?
(Chapter 8)

Lesson 9

Were the Nephilim extraterrestrials?
(Chapter 9)

Lesson 10

Was Noah’s Flood global?
(Chapter 10)

Lesson 11

What about continental drift?
(Chapter 11)

Lesson 12

Noah’s Flood-what about all that water?
(Chapter 12)

Lesson 13

How did the animals fit on Noah’s Ark?
(Chapter 13 &
Chapter 14)

Lesson 14

Where are all the human fossils?
(Chapter 15)

Lesson 15

What about the Ice Age?
(Chapter 16)

Lesson 16

How did animals get to Australia?
(Chapter 17)

Lesson 17

How did all the different ‘races’ arise?
(Chapter 18)

Lesson 18

What happened to the dinosaurs?
(Chapter 19)
The Creation Answers Book
The Creation Answers Book

Study guide

Creation Answers Book

by Dr Don Batten (editor), Dr David Catchpoole, Dr Jonathan Sarfati, and Dr Carl Wieland

Lesson 13
How did all the animals fit on Noah’s Ark?

Supplemental materials

Q&A: Noah's Ark


The Answers Book, Chapters 13 & 14

Discussion questions

  1. According to the Bible, what kinds of animals did Noah have with him on the Ark? What kinds of organisms were not on the Ark?
  2. Read Ligers and Wholphins? What next? How is a ‘created kind’ defined? How many ‘kinds’ of animals were necessary on the Ark?
  3. Read Diseases on the Ark: Answering the Critics. Write a short essay answering the claim that Noah and his family would have to have been carriers of all sorts of diseases.
  4. Write a short research paper addressing the following questions: How large was the Ark? What did Noah use to coat the Ark? (See The Pitch for Noah’s Ark.) How was Noah able to care for all the animals on the Ark? For the more technically-minded: How seaworthy was the Ark? (See Safety Investigation of Noah’s Ark in a Seaway.)
  5. Build your own scale model of the Ark, based on the directions in A Visual Presentation of Creation (ICR Impact - PDF).
  6. Why is it important that we answer the claims of critics against the Biblical account of Noah’s Ark?
  7. Write an essay answering the question, ‘How did fish and plants survive Noah’s Flood?’

Additional Resources

Noah's Ark: Feasibility Study
Noah's Flood Evidence In Australia (DVD)

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