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Journal of Creation

(Previously called Creation ex nihilo Technical Journal)

Volume 8, Issue 1
Published April 1994
122 pages

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2–3 Click to view PDF A whale of a tale?
Perspective by Don Batten
3 Click to view PDF Kentucky fried dinosaur?
Perspective by D. Batten
3–4 Click to view PDF The religious nature of evolution
Perspective by Carl Wieland
4 Click to view PDF Deluge on Mars
Perspective by C. Wieland
5–6 Click to view PDF Antibiotic resistance in bacteria
Overview by Dr Carl Wieland
6 Click to view PDF Darwinism‘s forte’—naturalism
7–10 Click to view PDF Ancient DNA and the young earth
Overview by Dr Carl Wieland
10 Click to view PDF The role of bias in science
10 Click to view PDF The origin of the genetic code
11–15 Click to view PDF Can Flood geology explain thick chalk beds?
Countering the Critic Article by Andrew A. Snelling
16–18 Click to view PDF Diseases on the Ark
Countering the Critic Article by Carl Wieland
18 Click to view PDF Heredity versus environment
19–21 Click to view PDF Book review: The New Catastrophism
Book Review by Dr Andrew Snelling
22 Click to view PDFBook review: CatastroRef
Book Review by Dr Steven Austin
22 Click to view PDFPlant evolution
23 Click to view PDFVelocity of light debate
Letter to the Editor
23 Click to view PDFVelocity of light paper
Letter to the Editor
23–24 Click to view PDFStarlight travel time and the universe’s size
Letter to the Editor
24–25 Click to view PDFHow much did the ancients know of the heavens?
Letter to the Editor
26–36 Click to view PDFSafety investigation of Noah’s Ark in a seaway
Paper by S.W. Hong, S.S. Na, B.S. Hyun, S.Y. Hong, D.S. Gong, K.J. Kang, S.H. Suh, K.H. Lee, and Y.G. Je
37–50 Click to view PDFExperiments on stratification of heterogeneous sand mixtures
Paper by Pierre Y. Julien, Yongqiang Lan and Guy Berthault
51–77 Click to view PDFTowards a Creationist explanation of regional metamorphism
Paper by Dr Andrew Snelling
78–84 ammonitesAn investigation of the reworking of ammonite fossils
Paper by John A. Watson
85–104 Phoenix Galaxy stars explode stellar evolution theoryDinosaurs and dragons
Paper by D. L. (Lee) Niermann
105–116 open pdfHomo erectus ‘to’ modern man: evolution or human variability?
Paper by A. W. (Bill) Mehlert
117–120 Naturalism and norm-settingNaturalism and norm-setting
Paper by Jim Wilson
121 Science and religion quotationScience and religion
121 Theistic evolution quotationTheistic evolution 
122 Cosmology quotationCosmology, speculation, and proof
122 Bible quotationWho is right?

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