Marc Ambler

Marc Ambler

Businessman and CMI-South Africa speaker


Marc Ambler grew up in a traditional church in South Africa. Although the school curriculum at that time did not include evolution, in informal discussion with his teachers, it was the ‘only game in town’ regarding origins. To reconcile his belief in God and the Bible with evolution, he held that God had selected two sufficiently evolved hominids and named them Adam and Eve, and biblical history went from there.

After getting saved at age 25, the contradiction between his new faith in Jesus Christ as having died because of his sin, and millions of years of death prior to Adam’s sin, became evident. In about 1999 Marc picked up a copy of Dr Carl Wieland’s Stones & Bones in a guest house in Johannesburg while on business. He realised that attempts to harmonise the Bible and evolution were not only destructive to biblical doctrine and logic, but also totally unwarranted by the scientific evidence. This ‘light bulb’ moment had a powerful impact on Marc’s faith in God and the Bible. If God’s Word could be trusted as really true when dealing with the history and origin of all things, His promises for today and eternity could be trusted as well. This trust in the Bible continued to be reinforced by the various resources produced by CMI.

A businessman based in Cape Town for many years and a former assistant pastor at his home church, Marc was involved at the commencement of CMI in South Africa and has been part of the volunteer support group in Cape Town and Gauteng. He was on the CMI-South Africa board of directors for a number of years.

Marc has written articles for Creation magazine, the Journal of Creation and the CMI website and has a particular interest in the devastating consequences Darwinian belief has had on his home continent of Africa. He is an accredited speaker for CMI.

Marc is married to Juanita and they have two adult children.


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