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In the Beginning God, Not Aliens

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What In the World is World UFO Day?

World UFO Day is a day that some have dedicated to the awareness and celebration of UFOs and alien life. It is held on July 2nd each year—this being the date of the supposed Roswell UFO crash in 1947.

Surveys show that belief that alien life is ‘out there‘ is now widespread. A major reason for this is that most people believe in evolution: If life was able to evolve on Earth, people logically conclude that it must also have also been able to evolve on countless other planets in our vast universe. But is this the case?

The award-winning documentary, Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception, casts light on the alien phenomenon. UFOs, Roswell, alien abductions—it’s all answered, in a way that is both scientifically and biblically sound, and fits perfectly with the evidence.

And this World UFO Day, to help clear up the confusion around aliens and UFOs, we are offering 7 days of FREE streaming of this life-changing documentary!

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Alien Intrusion is a sobering and scientific analysis, exploring the UFO phenomenon. Beautifully produced, expertly scripted, and biblically bold. The long and credible list of eyewitnesses move the film toward an essential question: “What are the origins of these unidentified and mysterious beings?” The truth is a powerful confirmation of the reality of Scripture.
Pastor Dr. John Hull
At first, a Christian might think “What does Creation have to do with aliens?” My answer to that is much, as it gets to the heart of the Gospel through and through. ... As a pastor [it] gave me a whole new heart and appreciation for those who have been deceived. “Alien Intrusion” is a fantastic resource for the body of Christ and will certainly help Pastors be able to address this and minister from a Biblical perspective.
Pastor Scott Gallatin

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Already watched it? Tell us what you thought on our contact page.
Questions on this topic? Visit our Q&A page to find out more.