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Ministry programs for your church or organization

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Creation Ministries International has a range of ministry programs designed to meet the specific needs of churches and Christian organizations. We have several internationally acclaimed and qualified Christian speakers with easy-to-listen-to communication styles. They present challenging, illustrated talks on the relevance of Genesis to the Gospel, society, evangelism, and church growth.

While proclaiming and defending the Bible’s truth and authority, they show how the history it contains connects to the real world. These types of presentations are renowned for strengthening the faith of believers, as well as equipping and motivating them to reach out to others. The speakers are always available to answer people’s questions.

Worship Services—‘switch on the lights’

Large church gathering

A fully-accredited CMI speaker can feature as a guest speaker, i.e. taking the regular ‘sermon spot’ at one of your normal worship services. This often has the greatest impact of all our types of meetings, as the average churchgoer is suddenly impacted as to how the origins issue connects to the Gospel of Christ and real-world issues facing Christians today. Our speakers can address your congregation at a regular service, and because we visit a wide range of churches you can be sure that we’ll be sensitive to your needs. These talks are widely acclaimed as eye-opening, entertaining and also motivating as our speakers use vivid multimedia presentations.

Worship Services ‘Plus’—for that bit extra

It is becoming increasingly popular for churches to add to their morning or evening service to create an innovative program of creative teaching and stimulating input. The speaker gives a further talk or has a question time after the conclusion of the service (after a break of say 30 minutes). This allows people to have some of those burning questions answered (e.g. ‘what about the dinosaurs?’) that may have been raised during the initial presentation. While still at a layman’s level, it provides a slightly deeper explanation of some of the issues. It’s often helpful to arrange a fellowship meal as part of the program.

Public meetings or seminars—outreach opportunities

These provide great outreach opportunities as they are not conducted during normal church services. They also offer opportunity for an intensive time of equipping. Videos projected onto a large screen can also be used to create variety if required. Meetings can be held on weeknight evening(s), for example, or the range of options could provide for a Friday evening (plus all day Saturday) or just a Saturday, for example—morning, afternoon, or both. Church breakfasts are also a great way to introduce non-churched folk to this subject, and thus, the Gospel. There are a number of options available to suit your church’s needs.

Camps/Conferences—building unity through knowledge

Creation Ministries International can provide speakers for church family camps and conferences. These are becoming more popular because of the opportunity gained for one-on-one interaction with a creation expert over an extended time.

Rural ministry—going where most ministries don’t go

CMI has always had a strong ‘heart’ for smaller communities and churches, which often miss out on creation speakers. If you live in a small community, you can still have ministry in your church. Perhaps we could fit you in with other ministry nearby, or include you with a travelling ministry tour coming through.

Worldview Teacher training for Christian schools

Biblical Foundations (Australia & US only) is a six-session program that will help the teaching faculties of Christian schools transform students’ thinking. it will equip them to impact today’s increasingly secularized and anti-Christian culture for Christ. Curriculum-integrated worldview teaching trains students to defend their Christian faith, uphold the authority of the Word of God, effectively proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and become leaders in society. It will help eliminate the destructive sacred/secular divide with the integration of biblical living principles into all subject areas. The course can be presented as part of the school professional development program.

Another way of giving teachers confidence in creation worldview thinking would be for a CMI speaker to visit your school and present to a class or two, when they are in your area over the weekend. And then, the speaker could meet with your teachers after school to facilitate a conversation on teaching the biblical worldview. Many teachers have found this helpful in dealing with questions they have on how to teach various topics in the curriculum

Video presentations—a subtle way to introduce origins

A video screening is an entertaining way to present the creation message, especially to smaller meetings such as at youth nights or small groups. Check to see if a CMI representative is available in your area facilitate screenings. There is an extensive range of creation videos available.

Field trips, museum and zoo tours

You can book a tour or participate in an upcoming tour (Australia and Canada only). Understand the geological history of an area from a biblical perspective. See the subtle evolutionary interpretations behind museum and zoo displays and how creation better explains the same facts. See our events page for upcoming tours.

OK, but what’s the cost?—we’re not in it for the money

Our vision is to bring change through the dissemination of information, yet as a faith-funded ministry CMI has no set fees for a visiting speaker. Some churches may give an honorarium while others take up a second (love) offering, underwriting the event to a pre-agreed amount. We believe that creation ministry is an investment in the future of your church’s ability to reach the community with the Gospel. The decision regarding the amount of any financial support is generally left to the church or organization requesting the ministry. See also Linking and feeding.

Creation resources—knowledge is powerful

As an information ministry our mission is to get resource materials into the hands of Christians to equip them more fully to defend their faith. To this end, displays with a range of quality creation materials are an integral part of our ministry. The internationally renowned Creation magazine is at the forefront of creation evangelism, and experience shows that it has the greatest impact of any resource. Please note that Creation magazine has no paid advertising so that every page is dedicated to its witnessing work. Of the thousands of testimonies we’ve received over the years, the overwhelming number have come about from Christians sharing a resource with someone else.

For effective evangelism—make contact now

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Published: 18 June 2008