Resources in Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

Resources in Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

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There are hundreds of translated CMI articles here, in dozens of languages. Look for articles for foreign friends and acquaintances. Print them out, or email the link. Share this info as widely as possible.

It is not just in English-speaking countries that evolutionary ideas have had a devastating impact on the Church and the spread of the Gospel. People in other language groups also need the eye-opening information provided in our materials, to remove the evolutionary cataracts that blind multitudes to the relevance of the Bible. With these CMI resources, you can be involved in LOTE creation evangelism.


Can you translate CMI materials?

If you are fluent in a LOTE, and are able to voluntarily translate CMI materials, whether small articles, tracts, booklets, books or DVDs, please contact us via creation.com/translate. Volunteers with web skills are also needed, to help post translated articles on our website.