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Racemization of amino acids under natural conditions: part 4
April 12, 2024
Do amino acids racemize in water faster than peptides can grow?
By Royal Truman and Boris Schmidtgall
Richard Dawkins claims to be a cultural Christian
April 11, 2024
Media reports have recently highlighted Richard Dawkins’ comments that he considers himself to be a cultural Christian. What does that mean, and is it even possible?
By Andrew Sibley
Astronomy for Kids: Dwarf planets, asteroids and comets
April 10, 2024
The best-known dwarf planet is Pluto, sometimes known as 134340. The solar system also contains other tiny bodies such as asteroids and comets. They all point to a Creator and young age.
By Jonathan Sarfati
Egypt Chronology
April 9, 2024
Egyptian history intertwines with Old Testament events, but it can be confusing to try to harmonize the two. Gary Bates introduces some of the issues for laypeople.
By Gary Bates
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The Gospel is the revelation that Jesus Christ (God incarnate) died on the Cross and took the punishment for the sins of humanity that began in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve both disobeyed God.

Creation Relevance

What you believe about your origins impacts so many things such as why there is life and death, why we live in family groups and why there is a need for law and morality.


Most people believe these fascinating creatures died out 65 million years ago, but recent discoveries of soft tissues in fossils shows they lived more recently.

Noah's Flood

Evidence abounds for this world-wide, cataclysmic event, and not just in the geological record. There are many descriptions that match such an event found in various societies throughout the world.

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