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Terrible lizards trapped by terrible Flood
May 5, 2021
What happened to the dinosaur struggling to maintain its course in deep flowing water?
By Tas Walker
Review of "Darwins Dangerous Idea" Marr BBC
May 4, 2021
Leading presenter Andrew Marr’s 3-part TV series adulates Darwin and his ideas, but makes some important admissions about their tragic consequences.
By Philip Bell
Candles turned to stone
May 3, 2021
Found deep in a mine, they help demonstrate the length of time needed to turn buried animal and plant remains into rock
By Jonathan O’Brien
Missing Matter found?
May 1, 2021
A new study claims to have found the same amount of matter as the Big Bang predicted
By Scot Devlin
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The Gospel is the revelation that Jesus Christ (God incarnate) died on the Cross and took the punishment for the sins of humanity that began in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve both disobeyed God.

Creation Relevance

What you believe about your origins impacts so many things such as why there is life and death, why we live in family groups and why there is a need for law and morality.


Most people believe these fascinating creatures died out 65 million years ago, but recent discoveries of soft tissues in fossils shows they lived more recently.

Noah's Flood

Evidence abounds for this world-wide, cataclysmic event, and not just in the geological record. There are many descriptions that match such an event found in various societies throughout the world.

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