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Dinosaurs are almost certainly extinct
We have had decades to verify the many claims that dinosaurs are still alive today, but to date none of those have panned out.
by Robert W. Carter, Gary Bates, Jonathan Sarfati
What about dinosaurs?
Was there an ‘age of dinosaurs’ long before people came on the scene? What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? What were the dragons of history? What do dinosaur fossils tell us? What happened to the dinosaurs?
by Don Batten
Radiocarbon in dino bones
International conference result censored.
by Carl Wieland
The original Jurassic Park
Life-sized dinosaur models thrilled the English public in 1854—but gave a compromised message.
by Kevin Lamoure
A dinosaur made by the Flood
The story of Ultrasaurus
by Kevin Lamoure
Battling behemoth
An evolutionary depiction of the beast of beasts
by Kevin Lamoure
Sensational dinosaur blood report!
This 1997 report rocked the world of paleontology—how is it possible if dinosaur bones are millions of years old?
by Carl Wieland
Scelidosaurus—evidence of rapid burial in the Early Jurassic of southern England
Rapid, episodic burial and the conundrums it presents for uniformitarian dating.
by Andrew Sibley
Dinosaur herd buried in Noah’s Flood in Inner Mongolia, China
Juveniles catastrophically mired in deep mud after larger mature members of the herd abandoned them to their fate?
by Tas Walker
Pterosaurs—one of the strangest animals God ever created
One of the strangest animals God ever created
by Jerry Bergman
Three become one
An extraordinary fossil leaves a record of death which scientists are struggling to explain.
by Philip Robinson
Review of Jurassic World: Dominion
Read our review of Jurassic World: Dominion. What are some of the newer dinosaurs in the movie, and were dinosaurs and pterosaurs feathered?
by Joel Tay, Phil Robinson