What we do

1. Speaking and direct ministry

Each office has its own speaking staff (who generally perform other functions) whose role it is to go out to where the people are and reach them with the message of the truth and authority of the Bible, and its relevance to the real world. We’ve found that an extremely effective way to get this message out into the population in general, and thus to increase the number of people getting converted, etc. is to arm and equip Christians. We

  • give them answers to the common objections and queries people have on these issues, which are some of the most frequent objections to faith in Christ.
  • show them how the Bible (and in particular its broad outline of history in Genesis, which is foundational to the gospel) is relevant to all of reality.
  • provide them with resources (books, magazine, DVDs, etc) to be more effective in their own personal outreach. The most powerful tool, we find, is to ‘link’ people to be ‘fed’ via Creation magazine, the 56-page full-colour no-advertising family publication that is an incredible faith-building and witnessing tool. People who subscribe are automatically eligible to get our various printed newsletters as well, which provide further encouragement and information about what the ministry is doing.

Our accredited and experienced speakers do this ‘linking and feeding’ mostly via

  1. direct ministry in church services (the most effective way, because many people are reached and ‘switched on’ to the power of creation evangelism who would not have thought it important enough to come to a special meeting on the subject).
  2. public meetings, advertised through churches in particular (NB we are ‘arming God’s army’)
  3. in-depth seminars
  4. family camps and live-in conferences, both those which we organize ourselves and those to which we are invited as speakers.
  5. other means: breakfast meetings, media interviews and so on.

2. Publishing

a) Periodicals: CMI produces

  • Creation magazine—with subscribers in over 100 countries, the world’s most widely read and enjoyed creation family magazine.
  • Journal of Creation—a peer-reviewed in-depth journal (formerly ‘TJ’). The Journal is generally acknowledged by leading creationist researchers as the world-leader in its genre, and has the widest circulation.

b) Books: CMI has published/produced some of the most popular creation books of all time. For example, The Creation Answers Book, Refuting Evolution (1 and 2) and Refuting Compromise, which have between them had a distribution of well over a million copies globally. We keep updating our materials, and working on new ones.

c) Multimedia resources. DVDs, CDs, etc.

Our position on science issues, etc.

You will find that our team of scientists/speakers globally are almost always of ‘one voice’ in their positions on various issues that may be the subject of controversy even within creationist circles. This is because we consciously spend time interacting with our peers both inside and outside the organisation so that we can do this. (Our ministry position might be, of course, that the options on a particular issue are still open, pending further information.) One of the fruits of this peer interaction has been a formal section of our site headed ‘Arguments Not To Use ’, written by CMI’s Dr Jonathan Sarfati.

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