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Other helpful websites

This page lists links to other conservative Christian ministries that help promote the creation message. Listing here should not be taken as CMI’s endorsement of everything that these sites stand for, but we stand with them in their high view of the Bible as the ultimate authority in all things of which it speaks, including the origin and early history of the universe. Nor is the list exhaustive; there are undoubtedly many worthwhile sites not yet listed here.

Creation vs evolution


General apologetics and worldview

Messianic Jewish Christology



Missions (creationist)

Home schooling

Social action


Non-English creation resources

LOTE Creation Websites

The websites below provide some or much translated CMI material. We supply these links to fellow-creationist websites in good faith, but we cannot assume responsibility for, nor be taken as endorsing in any way, any other content or links on these sites. Even CMI articles on these websites, which we do not control could, in principle, change without notice.

Lan­guagewebsiteEnglish NameLOTE Name
Arabic reason​of​hope.​com Reason of Hope سَبَبٌ للرجاء
Chinese (Sim­pli­fied) chuang​zao​lun.​com Cre­ation­ism 创造论
chinese​cre​ation​science.​org Chinese Cre­ation Science As­so­ci­ation 中华创造科学协会
Chinese (tra­di­tional) www.​iaga​nack.​com Iaganack Pro­duc­tions Ltd 極光創作
cre​ation.​hk, facebook.​com/​cre​ation.​hkcrm Hong Kong Cre­ation Re­sources Ministry 創源
Czech krea​ci​o​nis​mus​.cz Cre­ation­ism krea​ci​o​nis​mus
Dutch www​.rd.​nl Re­form­a­tion News­pa­per re​for​ma​to​risch Dagblad
logos​.nl Logos Institute Logos Instituut
schepping​of​evolutie.​nl Cre­ation or Evolution Schepping of Evolutie
weet​-mag​a​zine.​nl Know Weet
via​veritas​vita.​info Way, Truth and Life Via, Veritas en Vita
Finnish luominen.​fi Cre­ation Luominen
French au​com​men​ce​ment​.net In the Be­gin­ning Au Com­men­ce­ment
www.​res​sources​chre​tiennes​.com Christian resources Res​sources chré​tiennes
narindra-​le-​gobelin.​eklablog​.com Genesis and the Gospel Genèse et Évangile
bible​et​science​diffusion​.org Bible & Science Diffusion Bible & Science Diffusion
(via web​.archive​.org)
Samizdat Samizdat
pro​messes​.org Promises Promesses
crea​tion​nisme​.com Cre­ation and Science As­so­ci­ation As­so­cia­tion Création et Science
chris​tian​answers​.net/​french Chris​tian Answers French Réponses Chrétien Français
German schöp​fung​.info Cre​ation​.info Schöp​fung​.info
factum-​magazin​.ch Factum magazine Factum magazin
janash​.de Janash — becoming human Janash – werde mensch
gottes​wun​der​wer​ke​.de God’s Miracles Gottes Wun­der­wer­ke
clkv​.ch Christian Literature and Cassette Mediation Christliche Literatur- und kas­set­ten­ver­mitt­lung (CLKV)
wort-und-wissen​.org Word and Knowledge Study Group stu​di​en​ge​mein​schaft Wort und Wissen
Hebrew hachotam​.org The Seal החותם
Hun­garian oromhir​alapitvany​.hu Good News Foundation Örömhír Alapítvány
Italian www​.origini​.info Italian As­so­ci­ation for the Study of Origins As­so­cia­zio­ne Italiana Studi sulle Origini (AISO)
christian​answers​.net/​italian Chris­tian Answers Net Italian Domande e riposte Italiano
Ja­pan­ese darwin​kieta​.hatena​blog​.com The Young Earth and Evolution 若い地球と進化論
b-c.jp Bible and Cre­ation バイブル・アンド・クリエーション
sozoron​.org Cre­ation Research Japan クリエーション・リサーチ・ジャパン
genesis​japan​.com Genesis Japan ジェネシス ジャパン
www.​lovecre​.jp Love Cre­ation ラブクリエーション
(avail­able via web​.archive​.org)
Noah’s Ark Museum 「ノアの箱船記念館」
Korean cre​ation​.kr Korea As­so­ci­ation for Cre­ation Research 한국창조과학회
Lithua­nian you​tube​.com/​chan​nel/​UC-W​TNbT​h3uD​fXvT​TddC​1kMQ Bible studies Biblijos studijos
Mon­go­lian tulguur​.blog​spot​.com Corner­stone Булангийн Тулгуур ЧУЛУУ
Nor­we­gian kommentar-​avisa​.no Norway Com­ment­ary News­pa­per Norges Kommentar Avis
Polish ziarno​prawdy​.pl Seed of Truth Ziarno Prawdy
(avail­able via web​.archive​.org)
Biblical Cre­ation Society Biblijne To­wa­rzy­stwa Kre­acjo­ni­stycz­ne
chris​tian​answers​.net/​polish Chris­tian Answers Net Polish Chris­tian Answers Net Polski: Pytania i Od­po­wie­dzi
Por­tuguese acordem​.com Wake up! Acordem!
ponto​de​vista​cristao​.weebly​.com Christian Point of View Ponto de Vista Cristão
scb​.org​.br Brazil­ian Cre­ation Society Sociedade Criacionista Brasileira
christian​answers​.net/​portuguese Christian Answers Net Portuguese Christian Answers Net Português: Perguntas e Respostas
Ro­manian fa​ce​re​a​lu​mii​.ro Study Center for the Creation of the World Centrul De Studii Facerea Lumii
dum​ne​zeu​este​dragoste​.blogspot​.com God is Love dum​ne​zeu este dragoste
dum​ne​zeu​sis​ti​in​ta​.blogspot​.com Ev­i­dence for God dovezi in fa­voa­rea lui dum­ne­zeu
icam​.rochristian​aid​min​is​tries​.org​/up​dates​/christian​-family​-mag​a​zines Christian Aid Min­is­tries, Seed of Truth mag­a­zine Sămânța adevărului
ortodoxia​tinerilor.ro Orthodox Youth Ortodoxia Tinerilor
Russian crea​center​.org​/ru Planet Earth Cre­ation Centre Креацентр Планета Земля
science​and​apo​lo​get​ics​.com Science and Apo­lo­get­ics Хри­сти­анский Научно-Апо­ло­ге­ти­че­ский Центр
bible​ap​.com Bible Apo­lo­get­ics Апо­ло­ге­ти­ка Библии
(avail­able via web​.archive​.org)
Crea­tion­ist Кре­а­ци­о­нист
origins.org.ua Intelligent Design Разумный Замысел
Serbian (Cyrillic script) you​tube​.com​/chan​nel​/UCUx​iBJR​Dh4l​iyTT​xBax​RjqA The earth is not flat Земља није равна
Serbian (Latin script) you​tube​.com​/chan​nel​/UCUx​iBJR​Dh4l​iyTT​xBax​RjqA The earth is not flat Zemlja nije ravna
Slovak kztn.sk Christian Con­greg­a­tions, Trenčín Kresťan­ské Zbory Trenčín
face​book​.com​/Stvo​re​nie​512 Creation Stvo­re­nie
solas.sk Solas — About living in Christ Solas – O živote v Kristu
Slov­e­nian www​.ustvar​jen​.si Created ustvar­jen.si
Spanish cre​a​cio​nis​mo​.net Cre­ation­ism Cre­a­cio­nis­mo
lem​peru​.com Light Edu­ca­tional Min­is­tries (LEM) An­tor­cha Mi­nis­te­rios Edu­ca­ti­vos (AME)
challenge​news​.online/​spanish Challenge El desafio
en​guar​dia​.org On Guard Enguardia
creation​moments​.com​/espanol Creation Moments Creation Moments
Swedish genesis​.nu Genesis Genesis
newton​bloggen​.word​press​.com The Newton Blog Newton­bloggen
Ukrain­ian crea​center​.org/​uk Planet Earth Cre­ation Centre Креацентр Планета Земля
(avail­able via web​.archive​.org)
Cre­ation­ist Кре­а­ци­о­нист