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Creation answers (frequently asked questions)

Genesis verse by verse

Some key articles

Topics by alphabetical order

§ Topics arranged by subject category


Bible, God, theology

Biology (creation vs evolution)

  • Origin of life (origin of life theories critiqued, including life-from-space)
  • Design features (dozens! ID, biomimetics, ‘bad’ design, astronomy, irreducible complexity)
  • Natural selection (yes, it happens but it is not the same as evolution)
  • Mutations (yes, they happen, but they can’t change microbes into microbiologists)
  • Speciation (yes, it happens, but it is limited to variation within the created kind)
  • Genetics (‘mitochondrial Eve’, ape vs human DNA, gene duplication, genetic engineering, cloning, longevity of patriarchs)
  • Information theory (including DNA) (information defined, claimed new information)
  • Probabilities (could life arise by chance? What about computer simulations of evolution?)
  • Quantum Mechanics and Thermodynamics (how the laws of thermodynamics contradict naturalism)
  • Vestigial organs (including ‘junk’ DNA)
  • Homology and Embryology (Haeckel’s fraudulent concept, plus similarities due to common design)
  • Charles Darwin (his religious views, contribution to human suffering, natural selection vs evolution)

Creation: relevance to Christianity, society and science

Geology, the Flood, the Ice Age and the age of the earth

  • Young Age Evidence (astronomy, botany, geology, fossils, caves, coal, glaciology, human history, oceanography)
  • Radiometric Dating (radiometric dating problems, flaws, rapid decay? radiohalos)
  • Flood (global? fish survival? Black Sea flood? flood legends).
  • Noah’s Ark (size, construction, stability, feasibility, care for animals, diseases, biogeography)
  • Geology (Flood evidences, coal formation, limestone caves, rapid rocks, age of fossils?)
  • Ice Age (post-Flood Ice Age, ice core dating, multiple Ice Ages? mammoths)


  • Archaeology (archaeology and the Bible, from the Flood to New Testament times)
  • History (including biblical chronology, genealogies, origin of deep time beliefs)
  • Linguistics (languages point to the Tower of Babel, animals talking?)


  • Fossils (rapid formation, missing links, living fossils, dino-birds?, whale origins, tetrapods)
  • Anthropology (human ancestry, alleged ape-men)
  • Dinosaurs (humans coexist with? evidence against millions of years, birds from dinosaurs?
  • Mammoths (how they fit with the post-Flood Ice Age)

Social and ethical issues

§ Topics arranged by alphabetical order

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