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Did dinosaurs really die out millions of years ago? Were they killed by a meteor?

Dinosaur blood cells, blood vessels and proteins: have they been found, and how could they have survived the alleged millions of years?

What about dinosaur footprints?

Is there evidence that humans and dinosaurs coexisted in the recent past?

Were dinosaurs on Noah’s ark? How could they fit?

How did dinosaurs live?

Did birds really evolve from dinosaurs?

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Helpful Resources

Dire Dragons
by Vance Nelson
US $26.00
Hard Cover
Monumental Monsters
by Vance Nelson
US $26.00
Hard Cover
Flood Fossils
by Vance Nelson
US $26.00
Hard Cover
Exploring Dinosaurs with Mr Hibb
by Michael Oard, Tara Wolfe, Chris Turbuck, Gary Bates
US $17.00
Hard Cover
Dragons of the Deep
by Carl Wieland
US $12.00
Hard Cover
Dragons or Dinosaurs?
by Darek Isaacs
US $16.00
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