Quotable Quotes

1Evolution of mind?
2Peer review is good for ...?
3Feathered dinosaurs Peter Dodson
4Functional biology different from evolutionary biology (EO Wilson)
5Evolution is historical science, in contrast with physics and chemistry (Mayr)
6Darwin's bizarre cult (Peter Hitchens)
7Evolution is not empirical science
8Thomas Nagel: I hope there is no God!
9Scientism vs science
10Luther on creation days
11Homochirality an unsolved problem
12Crichton on scientific consensus
13Evolution definition Kerkut
14God of evolution diabolical
15Flat earth leader is an evolutionist
16Hoyle Origin of Life
17Lewis on evolution
18Bernard Wood: Human evolution icon illusion
19Gould stasis a problem
20Cosmology is not science James Gunn
21Ronald Reagan on the divinity of Christ
22Origin of life: a matter of faith
23German scientists at first laughed at Darwin
24Germany's other Darwin-inspired Holocaust
25Kirschner evolution relevance
26E.J. Young: Question science not Bible
27Josef Ton on evolution and liberal theology
28Dawkins Christianity bulwark against something worse
29Eugenics: a Darwin family business
30Conant Historical Science Fantasia
31Eldredge trouble with horse evolution
32Slavery abolished by Christians, not the "Enlightenment"
33Charles Lyell free science from Moses
34Fall of Adam played vital role in development of Western science Harrison
35Christians and academic respectability Doug Wilson
36Treason of the intellectuals Sproul
37Evolutionists should not claim that evolution is proven
38Genetic algorithms are irrelevant to evolution
39Harrison: Literal interpretation of Bible played vital role in development of science
40Evolutionary racists claimed that white people had bigger brains than darker-skinned people
41Modern science owes much to straightforward understanding of Scripture (Stephen Snobelen)
42Quotable Quote-Does science need evolution?
43Franklin Harold: no detailed Darwinian accounts
44Dr Broughton Knox, former principal of Moore College, denounced evolution
45James Mellor Brown warned of dangers of long-age compromises in 1838!
46Todd Beall, OT Prof.: take Genesis 1 as written, rather than crave secular respectability
47Weeks: Does the Bible really teach a three-storey cosmology?
48The church v Galileo: how the church accepted the science of its day
49Haeckel's scientific religion
50Dobzhansky: natural selection cannot explain the origin of first life
51Liberal Marcus Dods: If Genesis 1 doesn't teach literal days, we can't understand Scripture
52Darwinian explanations are too flexible to be useful
53Evolution: superfluous to real biological research
54Stephen Jay Gould on Racism
55Government school classrooms: temples of humanism?
56Eugenie Scott admits: if students heard criticism of evolution, they might not believe it.
57Dawkins on compromising churchians
58Has evolution been observed? (Dawkins)
59Human soul and religion are just the product of evolution (Julian Huxley)
60Why doesn't Sir David Attenborough give credit to God?
61Huttons a priori commitment to materialism
62Charles Hodge rejected natural sense of Genesis
63Wm. Provine: Evolution = atheism, no purpose
64'Progressive creationist' Pattle Pun of Wheaton College
65'Progressive creationist' Gleason Archer on the obvious meaning of Genesis
66Boyce Rensberger: Science and bias
67Davis Young: why he abandoned the day-age theory
68We make the rules now?
69Suicide and Evolution
70Spontaneous generation and perpetual motion machines (Yockey)
71Cairns-Smith: detailed criticisms of the RNA world hypothesis
72Chemical evolution: faith not fact (Yockey)
73Primeval soup—failed paradigm (Yockey)
74Mass murderer (Dahmer) on evolution v. morality
75Fidelity to God, J.P. Moreland
76Oxford Hebraist James Barr: Genesis means what it says!
77Arthur Keith on Hitler and Evolution
78Michael Ruse: Evolution is a religion
79A designer is unscientific—even if all the evidence supports one!
80Darwin versus Compassion
81C.S. Lewis: Science began with belief in a Lawmaker
82The religion of scientism, M. Shallis
83Pterosaurs and bats have always been pterosaurs and bats!
84Aldous Huxley: Admits motive for anti-theistic bias
85Singing bones
86Darwinists' tactics (Phillip Johnson)
87Groping in the dark
88Big bang faith (Burbidge)
89Sonntag & Van Wylen: 2nd Law, evidence for Creator
90Prof Sir Edmund Leech: neo-Darwinians 'conservative bigots'
91Geological Timescale: Ronald West, Stephen Jay Gould
92George Stravropoulos:crystals are poor analogy to biomolecules
93J.B. Waterhouse, how good is the geological record?
94Wayne A. Moyer, National Association of Biology Teachers
95The Atheists Know Why Christianity has to Fight Evolution (Bozarth)
96When Soviets find the Gospel
97Kooks vs. Darwinists (Johnson)
98Lack of fossils (J.S. Jones)
99Genetics has no proofs for evolution: leading geneticist (Giertych)
100Atomic clocks reset?
101An atheist believes (Isaac Asimov)
102Fossil record’s incompleteness
103No real theory of evolution
104Neo-Darwinism like Ptolemaic cosmology, Lejeune
105Ronald Reagan: lack of moral framework
106No acceptable theory of evolution, Lejeune
107Lejeune, SchALtzenberger, Eckhardt, Nicholas, Park
108Greg Kerby: paleontologists exaggerate importance of findings
109Dickerson: Chemical Evolution and the Origin of Life
110Kennedy, Bohm and Martin
111Gould and Heribert-Nilsson
112Twisted Thinking
113Spurgeon on evolution
114Evolution incompatible with Christianity
115Evolution: no morality (Dawkins)
116Amazing admission - Lewontin Quote
117Ape-man drawings: evolutionary preconceptions
118Darwinism, morality and the tiger (Chesterton)
119Archaeologist Speaks Out (Clifford Wilson)
120Science ... a reality check
121Ape-man olympics
122Emmanuel College: 'Doing something right'
123What made England a pagan nation?
124Media bias on origins
125H.G. Wells, evolution and the Gospel
126Death in the garden (Darwin & eugenics)
127C.S. Lewis on materialistic thoughts
128Muggeridge Evolution Greatest Joke?