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Alien Intrusion

Spacecraft Earth

Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels

By Design

Refuting Evolution

Refuting Evolution 2

Refuting Compromise

The Creation Answers Book

Evolution: Good Science?

Evolution’s Fatal Fruit

The Young Earth

Why Won’t They Listen?


Stones and Bones

The Genesis Flood: Fact or Fiction?

How did we get our Bible? And is it the Word of God?

15 Reasons to take Genesis as History


Noah’s Flood

Dinosaur’s and Dragons

Voice of the Volcano

UFOs and Aliens

Amazing Fossils

The Ark of Noah

Dinosaurs and the Bible

(This is a ‘digest’ booklet comprised of several different CMI articles.)


Evidence for a Young World

The Good News

Why is there Death and Suffering?

Cain’s Wife—who was she?

Mammoth—Riddle of the Ice Age

What About Dinosaurs?

Noah’s Flood—what about all that water?

Are we being visited by extra-terrestrials?

How did all the Different ‘Races’ Arise?

Adam’s Rib, Creation and the Human Body

Natural Evidences for the Creator God of the Bible

Does God Exist?

From Evolution to Creation

Why would a loving God allow death and suffering?

What about the Ice Age?

How can we see Distant Stars in a Young Universe?


(Note, some links below are to the original articles upon which the tracts were based, and these articles may differ slightly from the tracts.)

Dinosaurs: Did they die out 65 million years ago?

Can you tell the difference between Evolution and Natural Selection?

Surtsey Surprises

Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)

Some modern-day Scientists who oppose evolution and “millions of years”

Two-Tone Twins

How Dating Methods Work

Two recently-exposed Frauds used to support evolution

Goodbye, peppered moths

Fraud rediscovered

3 Sisters

15 Questions for evolutionists

One-Way Journey