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Refuting Evolution

A handbook for students, parents, and teachers countering the latest arguments for evolution

by , Ph.D., F.M.

Book Index

Foreword & Introduction

Chapter 1 : Facts & Bias
See Study Guide, Lesson 1

Chapter 2 : Variation and Natural Selection Versus Evolution
See Study Guide, Lesson 2

Chapter 3 : The Links Are Missing
See Study Guide, Lesson 3

Chapter 4 : Bird Evolution?
See Study Guide, Lesson 4

Chapter 5 : Whale Evolution?
See Study Guide, Lesson 5

Chapter 6 : Humans: Images of God or Advanced Apes?
See Study Guide, Lesson 6

Chapter 7 : Astronomy
See Study Guide, Lesson 7

Chapter 8 : How Old Is the Earth?
See Study Guide, Lesson 8

Chapter 9 : Is the Design Explanation Legitimate?
See Study Guide, Lesson 9

Chapter 10 : Conclusion

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