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Refuting Evolution -- study guide: Lesson 9

Refuting Evolution
by Dr Jonathan Sarfati


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Table of Contents

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Foreword & Introduction

Chapter 1
Facts & Bias

Chapter 2
Variation and Natural Selection Versus Evolution

Chapter 3
The Links Are Missing

Chapter 4
Bird Evolution?

Chapter 5
Whale Evolution?

Chapter 6
Humans: Images of God or Advanced Apes?

Chapter 7

Chapter 8
How Old Is the Earth?

Chapter 9
Is the Design Explanation Legitimate?

Chapter 10

Lesson 9

Chapter 9: Is the Design Explanation Legitimate?

Supplemental materials:

Discussion questions:

  1. Distinguish between ‘order’ and ‘specified complexity’.
  2. Define ‘irreducible complexity’. Give a biological example of this.
  3. Write a research paper on the topic: ‘Can life really come from non-life as (chemical) evolution suggests?’
  4. Why are people so opposed to a ‘design explanation’ for the origin of life?
  5. Write a research paper on the topic: ‘Created or Evolved: Is there evidence of design in the world?’
  6. Answer the question posed in the title of this chapter: ‘Is the design explanation legitimate?’


  1. See page 118 and Q&A: Thermodynamics for additional information.
  2. Information specifies that many parts are needed to make a machine work. Often, the removal of one part can disrupt the whole machine. Therefore, there are a minimum number of parts without which the machine won’t work. Give examples. See 122-125 and Q&A: Design for additional information.
  3. A variety of answers are possible. See Q&A: Origin of Life for additional information.
  4. They don’t want to admit there is a Creator to whom they are accountable.
  5. Formulate your own response. See Q&A: Design Features for additional information.
  6. Formulate your own response.