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Table of Contents

Book Index

Foreword & Introduction

Chapter 1
Facts & Bias

Chapter 2
Variation and Natural Selection Versus Evolution

Chapter 3
The Links Are Missing

Chapter 4
Bird Evolution?

Chapter 5
Whale Evolution?

Chapter 6
Humans: Images of God or Advanced Apes?

Chapter 7

Chapter 8
How Old Is the Earth?

Chapter 9
Is the Design Explanation Legitimate?

Chapter 10

Refuting Evolution

Refuting Evolution
by Dr Jonathan Sarfati

Lesson 9

Chapter 9: Is the Design Explanation Legitimate?

Supplemental materials:

Discussion questions:

  1. Distinguish between ‘order’ and ‘specified complexity’.
  2. Define ‘irreducible complexity’. Give a biological example of this.
  3. Write a research paper on the topic: ‘Can life really come from non-life as (chemical) evolution suggests?’
  4. Why are people so opposed to a ‘design explanation’ for the origin of life?
  5. Write a research paper on the topic: ‘Created or Evolved: Is there evidence of design in the world?’
  6. Answer the question posed in the title of this chapter: ‘Is the design explanation legitimate?’


  1. See page 118 and Q&A: Thermodynamics for additional information.
  2. Information specifies that many parts are needed to make a machine work. Often, the removal of one part can disrupt the whole machine. Therefore, there are a minimum number of parts without which the machine won’t work. Give examples. See 122-125 and Q&A: Design for additional information.
  3. A variety of answers are possible. See Q&A: Origin of Life for additional information.
  4. They don’t want to admit there is a Creator to whom they are accountable.
  5. Formulate your own response. See Q&A: Design Features for additional information.
  6. Formulate your own response.

Evolution is supported and endorsed by governments, the media, our major educational institutions and many big businesses. But look at this site and see how much can be achieved with a little effort from God's people in supporting such outreach. Support this site

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