CMI Translation Guidelines

Do you want to translate our materials?


If you want to translate CMI materials, please download and complete the relevant questionnaire:

Email your completed questionnaire to Translations@creation.info. We can then prepare a Translation Agreement for signing.

Which article should I translate?

Consider translating one of our seven key articles:

  1.  Created or evolved?
  2.  Genesis: The missing piece of the puzzle
  3.  Did God create over billions of years?
  4.  Engineer goes back to school
  5.  The evolution train’s a-comin’
  6.  ‘It’s not science
  7.  15 Questions for Evolutionists

Or, use our Q&A Index at creation.com/qa or our Topics Index at creation.com/topics to help find an article that you think will be of particular benefit to people in your language group.

Be careful not to choose an article that has already been translated into your language—check the list for your language at creation.com/lote.

Signed Agreements

We request our volunteer translators to sign a Translation Agreement.

Amongst other things, the Agreement ensures that translators have permission to publish their translations, and that copyright of translations remains with CMI.

Our Articles Translation Agreement and our Videoclips Translation Agreement cover multiple articles / videoclips. Translators do not need to sign a new Agreement for each new article or videoclip they translate.


CMI request translators to have their translations checked (proofread) by at least two other people who are fluent in the language.

Your proofreaders do not necessarily need to be fluent in English or capable of translating; they merely need to be able to detect awkward text or errors in the translation language. If they read something in the translation that sounds awkward or doesn’t make sense, they can alert the translator and the translator can investigate and make changes if necessary.

For many of our translators, one of their proofreaders is a family member who is fluent in the translation language but whose English is minimal.

If you are unable to find volunteer proofreaders we can ask other CMI volunteer translators to assist.

Books or DVDs:

To see which CMI books and DVDs have already been translated, check the language pages on our international webstore, creation.com/IntlStoreLanguages and our Free LOTE Books webpage. Note, some translated CMI publications do not appear in these lists.


CMI rarely has any funds available for paying for translation, or for publishing translated books.

Materials of ours that have been translated have generally been translated by unpaid volunteers. The few translated CMI books that have been printed have been paid for by the groups or individuals that translated them. They have had marketing and distribution plans to cover the cost of the translation and printing.

Our website may give an impression of prosperity, but in fact our ministry struggles to meet its daily commitments, and we rely on volunteers and donations for our continued existence.

Thank you!

Thank you for your contribution to our creation evangelism ministry.