New documentary: Dismantled: A Scientific Deconstruction of the Theory of Evolution
The online premiere has ended, but you can order the DVD or Blu-ray here.
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Creation Ministries International Summer live-in Creation Super camp Monday 5–Friday 9 January 2009

14 speakers …
3 special overseas guests!
Join us for 5 fantastic days of learning, leisure, fellowship and fun, with a top line-up of creation speakers from Australia and overseas!
PHILLIP ISLAND ADVENTURE RESORT 1775 Phillip Island Road, Cowes, Victoria
Located on the coast of Victoria’s most popular scenic tourist destination. Phillip Island is famous for its nature and water-based activities. There are patrolled surf beaches, the world-famous penguin parade, fur seals, a nature park and much, much more!
Phone: (07) 3340 9888 Fax: 3340 9889
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It’s a holiday camp!
It’s for families!
It’s a creation megaconference!
It’s for singles too!
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