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Our presentations help believers better defend their faith regarding the creation and evolution issue by providing answers that demonstrate the authority and accuracy of God’s Word.

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Our message is foundational and connects Genesis to the Gospel.

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CMI staff handles all of the planning.

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Believers are better equipped to share the Gospel.

What people are saying

Pastor Thane says:

In my years of pastoring, we have held many conferences, concerts and special events. Most of these events were all hands on board for the staff. CMI is different. They have a staff that takes care of the logistics and removes the stress of hosting an event. They even provide the advertising for the event. Having pastored 5 churches over 40 years I can tell you they are the best and easiest group I have ever worked with.

Nora E says:

Thank you for all the information that you have given to us over this past Sunday at Central Baptist. Even in the limited time that we had with you, I was left wondering so many things, on a purely positive scale! What you shared simply reinforced the fact that we have a loving God that created all things, and that science doesn’t have much of a footing to stand on in the argument against creationism.

Why is this subject important?

Dr Robert Carter explains why the subject of origins is important to the gospel message and how you can equip yourself and your congregation with faith-building information.

No set speaking fees

We want all churches and all people everywhere to hear the good news that the Bible can be trusted from the beginning, and because of that, we do not require a set speaking fee.

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How do we keep young people in the faith?

In this short but powerful documentary, CMI conducted interviews with students on university campuses to have them explain, in their own words, whether they were taught about the evidence for creation, and how this impacted them.

Powerful presentations by qualified speakers

Many of our speakers have PhDs and decades of experience teaching about the importance of the creation account.

Dr Jeffrey Benjamin

Jeff became a Christian in his late 20s after determining that the Genesis account of creation could not be reconciled with the theory of evolution. He began to wrestle with these two worldviews after a guest speaker in a university class provided a critique of evolution. The presenter challenged Jeff’s way of thinking about things like ‘how fossils are made; the lack of transitional fossils; and how rock ages are determined’. After reading creation science books (such as Refuting Evolution) and articles, Jeff was eventually convinced that the Genesis account was historically true. This then led him to consider the truth of the Bible in its entirety which resulted in him recognizing his need of salvation.

Jeff’s passion to share this life-changing message with others is clearly evident as he answers the same challenges he wrestled with.


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