20 Criticisms of Christianity and Creation ANSWERED

23 May, 202417:40

Does Christianity lack logic, reason, and evidence? Worse, is it “the cancer of humanity”? Is the Bible “just fairy stories and ancient scribblings”? Is the God of the Bible a moral monster? Are Christians hypocrites who brainwash their children? Are they just driven by fear of punishment? Are creationists science deniers who “tell lies for Jesus”?

These, and many more, are criticisms of Christianity and biblical creation that we hear regularly. If even half of these claims were true, Christianity would be a wretched religion indeed!

But they're not true! In fact, many of these criticisms don’t even withstand low-level scrutiny, never much less serious appraisal!

Join Dr Don Batten for rapid answers to 20 common criticisms of Christianity and biblical creation.

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