Who Was the Pharaoh of Exodus?

29 Jun, 202230:03

The Bible does not name the pharaohs with whom Moses interacted. Which Egyptian king was confronted by the biblical plagues and defeated at the Red Sea? Evidential clues suggest how biblical history and Egyptian history might best align. In this fascinating discussion, Gary Bates and Keaton Halley of Creation Ministries International talk about the evidence for the timing of the Exodus, and they put forward their proposed candidates for the pharaohs ruling in Egypt during the Israelite Oppression and the Exodus. The synchronisms are tantalising!

This episode features Keaton Halley and Gary Bates. Creation.com Talk is produced by Joseph Darnell out of the CMI-USA studios. Become a monthly contributor at our donate page. Share your thoughts in the comments and share the video with your friends! 

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