DNA: Marvellous Message or Mostly Mess?

15 Dec, 202023:38

Many evolutionists use ‘junk’ DNA as ‘proof’ of evolution, but the amazing design and complexity of living things provides strong evidence for a Creator. One aspect of this sustenance is that God has programmed the recipe for all these structures on the famous double-helix molecule DNA.

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✍️ Links and Show Notes

Original article: DNA: Marvellous Messages or Mostly Mess?
Evolutionist criticisms of the RNA World conjecture
Fantastic voyage
More marvellous machinery: ‘DNA scrunching’
World record enzymes
New DNA repair enzyme discovered
The Best Genetic Computer Program in the World
The genetic puppeteer
Electric DNA
Cosmos by Neil deGrasse Tyson
DNA: the best information storage system
How reliable are genomes from ancient DNA?
God’s DNA-detangling motors

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