Monkey Minds

19 Jun, 202013:19

Because we know that we do, in fact, reason in a generally reliable way, the evolutionary worldview must not be correct. Evolution lacks the resources that enable us to trust in our own rational faculties, but Christianity succeeds where evolution fails.

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Original article: Monkey Minds
Naturalism in the light of reality
Brain chemistry and the fate of the personality after death
A different way of thinking—Thomas Nagel considers the mind
Hawking atheopathy
Mind over matter
Loving God with all your mind: logic and creation
C.S. Lewis and the Great Myth
Accidental angle
Does the soul violate physics?
Evolution as philosophy
Why does science work at all?
Can evolution produce rational minds?
Evolution vs human behaviour
Design: just a trick of the mind?
Biocentrism vs the Bible

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