The Nativity: Fact Or Fiction?

23 Dec, 201913:37

Christ’s birth is one of the greatest events in all of history. Although the popular media and most educational institutions largely ridicule the biblical version of the Nativity, a fair-minded analysis paints a different picture. Foretold by Old Testament prophecies, supported by historical evidence, and logically feasible based on the existence of the God of the Bible, the Nativity is much more than just a nice story.

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Original article: The Nativity: Fact Or Fiction?
Should we trust the Bible?
Dates and Authorships of the Gospels
Did Matthew misuse the Old Testament?
Christmas and Genesis
The Virginal Conception of Christ
What’s Wrong With Bishop Spong?
The naturalistic attack on the Virginal Conception and Resurrection
Celebrating Twelve Names of Christ
Why did God prevent Adam from eating from the Tree of Life after he had sinned?

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