Vestigial Organs Is a Vestigial Argument

06 May, 202116:47

What does “vestigial” really mean? Are alleged vestigial organs evidence of evolution or devolution? How the notion is a science-stopper by hindering research on these organs.

This episode features Dr Robert Carter and Dr Jonathan Sarfati. CreationTalk is produced by Joseph Darnell out of the CMI-USA studios. Become a monthly contributor at [our site]( You can also help out by telling your family and friends to check out CreationTalk.

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Links and Show Notes

‘Vestigial’ Organs Questions and Answers

‘Vestigial’ Organs: What do they prove?

Do any vestigial organs exist in humans?

Vestigial arguments: remnants of evolution

Badly designed arguments—‘vestigial organs’ revisited

Appendix shrieks ‘Creation’ (at least 18 times!)

Interview with surgeon Dr Ross Pettigrew

Pandoraviruses: a Pandora’s Box of trouble for evolution

CMI misunderstands evolution?

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