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Archaeology supports the Bible

14 Mar, 201828:30

Portions of an interview with a leading archaeologist.

Special Thanks: John DeLancey – Tel Gezer footage biblicalisraeltours.com (Life-Transforming Israel Tours & Teaching in the Context of the Land of the Bible)

The Mental Metal Channel – sifting footage

Lia Lapithi Shukuroglou – footage of small gods

Gabriel Colodro – Hebrew Torah Writing

Other footage sources: Hunter McLaughlin - more of Tel Gezer

Bible Vision HD – even more of Tel Gezer

TheJerusalemCenter – Timeline of Israel

Philistine Pots from Gezer

20th Century Fox – Exodus footage

Ruth Martin – mud (earth)

New York Times - Ebla Map

Pinterest – Lugal-kisal-si, king of Uruk

PHD Comics – Dead Sea Scrolls

Narak Saron – monkeys

TWI/Granada Television – Hitler in Colour

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