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Are Aliens Actually Demons?

20 Dec, 202359:06

BONUS INTERVIEW: 60-SECOND ANSWERS: https://creation.com/bonus-alien-qa

Numerous people around the world claim to have seen UFOs or experienced interactions with aliens. An unbiased assessment of the evidence shows that something is certainly going on, and even the US government is now open about the fact that they are investigating!

Is there a viable, naturalistic explanation? Are aliens physically visiting Earth—and if so, why? Or does the evidence point to a more supernatural explanation? Are these ‘aliens’ being completely honest with experiencers? And why do they seem so interested in, yet bothered by, Jesus Christ?

Join UFO-researcher and speaker, Gary Bates, for an enlightening and genuinely helpful discussion on the alien/UFO phenomenon.


  • 00:00 Teaser

  • 00:50 Introduction: The US government is now openly investigating UAPs

  • 03:32 A very wide-spread phenomenon

  • 05:05 The critical role of worldview in interpreting the UFO/alien phenomenon

  • 06:29 July 2023: US Congressional Hearing on UFOs; why now?

  • 09:02 The evolutionary worldview leads people to believe in aliens

  • 10:35 UFO-type sightings are not new; only the ‘advanced alien’ manifestation is

  • 13:01 September 2023: Mummified ‘alien’ corpses presented in the Mexican parliament?

  • 15:02 Another mummified ‘alien’? The ‘Atacama Alien’

  • 18:40 What about UFO sightings which can’t be naturally explained?

  • 20:56 ‘Advanced technology’ is an insufficient explanation

  • 23:50 The ‘extraterrestrial hypothesis’ doesn’t work – because physics

  • 30:01 The ‘interdimensional hypothesis’ is the only viable option

  • 33:58 Alien abductions

  • 37:01 The Bible explains these ‘interdimensional’ occurrences

  • 38:37 Commonalities between abduction experiences

  • 41:16 The religious nature of abduction experiences

  • 43:17 So, what are these ‘aliens’, and where are they from?

  • 45:38 ‘Aliens’ don’t like Jesus. Why?

  • 48:31 Fallen angels!?

  • 49:53 Help for experiencers

  • 56:00 A closing message for experiencers

  • 58:22 Get the bonus interview: 60-second answers


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