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Do engineers plagiarize God?

19 Dec, 201301:00

Copying the work or design of another person, without giving them due credit, is called plagiarism.

But even though plagiarism is widely regarded as a terrible thing, ironically, it has actually inspired a whole new field of science known as biomimetics. As the name suggests, biomimetics involves mimicking or copying designs seen in the biological world. For instance, the geometric eyes of lobsters have inspired X-ray telescope design and the amazing properties of spider silk are inspiring chemists in the production of ultra-strong materials.

Since scientists are continually uncovering excellent examples of design in nature that are worth copying, isn't it reasonable to conclude that our Creator must have designed them? And if they are copying the work of a Creator, and not giving Him due credit—isn't that just another form of plagiarism?

Romans chapter 1 speaks of those who do not honour God for what He has created.

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