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Boulders moved over 500km!

06 Feb, 201901:02

What sort of geological event could transport large boulders over 500 km? This confronts geologists when they study the plateaus of north-western USA and western Canada. Throughout these regions there are many hard, quartzite boulders. However, the nearest source of quartzite rocks is at least 500 km away. Some have suggested an ancient river might have carried the boulders, but calculations suggest the water would need to have been over 60 metres deep and travelling faster than 100 km per hour. This suggests a geological catastrophe far exceeding a local flash flood.
So how did the boulders get there? The Bible provides a compelling answer. During the recessive stage of the flood, tremendous currents would have scoured the continents, transporting many boulders vast distances. This also explains why many of these boulders have marks testifying to violent collisions during transportation. Thus the Bible provides the answer to a geological mystery.

References: Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels, pp.180-181

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