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CO2 levels and climate change. Don’t panic!

11 Aug, 202306:00

Yes, CO2 is rising. But the data shows not only that there is no need to panic about more CO2, but that more CO2 is actually good for the planet.

This video features clips from 1 hour of content on climate change from these 4 videos: https://www.creation.com/cml9-01a https://www.creation.com/cml9-01b https://www.creation.com/cml9-02a https://www.creation.com/cml9-02b

0:00 CO2 levels are increasing 0:49 Temperature increase not due entirely to CO2 levels 1:47 Human CO2 contributions are small 2:23 Focus in biggest CO2 contributors? 3:02 Problems with the 'hockey stick' graph 3:56 Noah's flood and CO2 4:48 CO2 is plant food - more CO2 needed

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