Cows acting like compasses

01:0102 Sep, 2015

What does a cow have in common with a compass needle? The answer is that both of them ‘know’ the orientation of the earth’s magnetic field.
No, this isn’t crackpot science. In 2008, the prestigious journal, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, published research documenting how cows grazing in a field have a tendency to align themselves with the earth’s magnetic field.
And this phenomenon isn’t just limited to cows; many animals including deer, birds, turtles, bats, and even some bacteria, can sense the earth’s magnetic field for alignment or navigation.
The fact that so many living things have this ability is rather ironic, considering that the famous evolutionist J.B.S Haldane once said that evolution couldn’t produce magnets.
Just as man-made magnetic compasses are the product of forethought and design, so, too, the magnetic sensing in animals points to an intelligent designer.

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