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Galileo ~ Myth vs Reality

23 Feb, 202329:49

This episode features Dr Robert Carter and Dr Jonathan Sarfati. They discuss in detail many of the facts surrounding the famous trial of Galileo and dismiss many of the associated urban myths (many of which are intentionally propagated by skeptics). They also delve more deeply into the intellectual background in the centuries leading up to Galileo, Copernicus, and Newton. Galileo was politically naïve, which got him into a lot of hot water. He was also overconfident about his ideas, while his opponents (correctly) pointed out the flaws in his reasoning. Yet, he did his best and most enduring work during those years of house arrest. The history of scientific progress and how it relates to Christian history is well worth studying and this episode will not let you down.

Galileo Galilei (1564–1642) is often held up as the poster child of a supposed war between science and Christianity. The real history is much more interesting. The real clash was science vs. science, and the Church had the science of the day on its side. Several outstanding clergy-scientists in the Middle Ages discussed the earth’s rotation with no repercussions. Galileo’s observations were compatible with some geocentric models, such as the Capellan and Tychonian hybrid models. Kepler’s model with elliptical orbits was superior to all others of the day, including Galileo’s. The science that ended absolute geocentrism as a credible model occurred decades and even centuries after Galileo’s death.

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