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A Designer Isn’t a ‘God of the Gaps’ (creation.com talk)

25 Aug, 202220:17

Creationists are often accused of arguing from ignorance when they insist God is responsible for the apparent design in nature. The design argument makes a case that certain features of nature are best explained by an intelligent cause. But a common criticism is that this arbitrarily inserts God as a placeholder to fill a gap in our knowledge, a gap which science will eventually explain, leaving God without any role. However, this is a caricature of the way design proponents really argue. Creationists infer divine design for sound reasons, not based on a lack of knowledge. In fact, atheists are often the ones who blindly assume the gaps will be filled with naturalistic explanations, regardless of the evidence, as this episode points out.

This episode features Keaton Halley and Joel Tay. Creation.com Talk is produced by Joseph Darnell out of the CMI-USA studios. Become a monthly contributor at our donate page. Share your thoughts in the comments and share the video with your friends!

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