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Dinosaur Dung - discovering what dinos ate.

17 Jan, 201401:00

When the BBC produced the series "Walking with the Dinosaurs" a few years ago they had to search the globe for appropriate filming locations but whenever they discovered an otherwise suitable site the ground was inevitably covered in grass and back in the year 1999 that was an evolutionary impossibility.

You see, until recently, most evolutionary scientists believed that grasses first evolved 55 million years ago long after the supposed extinction of the dinosaurs but since then studies of fossilized dinosaur dung showed that not only did dinosaurs and grass live at the same time but that dinosaurs actually ate it.

We often hear dogmatic statements about what did or didn't happen millions of years ago, but it's important to realize that these statements involve lots of assumptions, are often based on fragmentary evidence and can be totally overturned when new evidence comes to light.

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