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Dinosaur extinction - what killed the dinosaurs?

24 Jan, 201401:00

A meteorite supposedly hit Mexico, 65 million years ago, causing the extinction of dinosaurs but someone forgot to tell the duck-billed Hadrosaur.

According to research published by the Geological society of America was discovered near the impact site in strata some evolutionists claim are 64 million years old. That's one million years after the meteorite hit.

The idea that dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago has lots of problems but entrenched ideas are hard to dislodge. Dinosaur researcher Dr Mary Schweitzer recently found soft looking blood vessels and red blood cells in bones of T-Rex. She said, "This is not something I ever dreamed I'd see and it was totally shocking." Only the supposed age made it shocking. If something can stay that fresh looking for 65 million years just buried in the ground, then the people who built my refrigerator should hang their heads in shame.

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