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Does Coal Prove the Earth is Young?

03 Jan, 202433:02

What do coal seams tell us about Earth’s history?

Do they show signs of having formed very slowly—over millions of years—in huge swamps? (This is the most common naturalistic explanation of how coal formed.)

Or does the evidence point to vast quantities of vegetation being rapidly, catastrophically buried in a flood of, well, biblical proportions—only a few thousand years ago? (This is what biblical creationists claim.)

The real-world evidence is consistent with one of these stories—but directly contradicts the other! But which one?

Join geologist, Dr Tas Walker, for a fascinating exploration of coal—and the true history of Earth.


  • 00:00 Teaser

  • 00:29 Introduction: Coal is a memorial to Noah’s Flood

  • 01:32 The size, extent and composition of coal seams point to catastrophic origins

  • 04:36 Swamp theory: The naturalistic attempt to explain coal

  • 06:03 → Uniformitarianism: Using the present to explain the past

  • 07:07 The swamp theory is unrealistic

  • 09:26 → The problem of tree trunks in coal

  • 11:02 → Evidence that pre-coal vegetation was washed into place and rapidly buried by sedimentary rock

  • 12:05 A better explanation for coal formation?

  • 12:56 Evidence that coal was produced by rapid burial in a flood of biblical proportions

  • 13:05 → The vast area covered by coal seams

  • 14:10 → Methane in coal seams

  • 15:50 → Sharp contacts between coal and neighboring rock layers

  • 16:40 → The absence of bioturbation

  • 18:24 → Marine fossils in coal

  • 18:51 Long-age believer sees evidence for rapid coal formation

  • 20:43 → Neocatastrophism: A way of escaping the obvious?

  • 22:45 How does Noah’s Flood account for coal?

  • 24:16 → Coal can form rapidly in the right conditions

  • 26:44 → Noah’s Flood supplied the right conditions

  • 27:51 Noah was in the Ark while this global catastrophe was happening!

  • 29:09 Seeing is believing: Observing clear geologic layers is compelling for many

  • 31:10 Conclusion: Coal is a memorial to the biblical Flood!


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