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Dropstones don’t disprove Noah’s Flood

28 Oct, 201501:01

Dropstones are rocks that have been carried and dropped into finely grained sediment. For instance, icebergs can carry and drop rocks on the ocean floor, to be covered by further sedimentation. Noah’s flood was a worldwide catastrophe that deposited much of earth’s fossil-bearing rocks. However, within these rocks, we find what appear to be dropstones. This is often interpreted as evidence of previous ice ages. And since you can’t have ice ages occurring during the flood, this has prompted some to claim that dropstones disprove Noah’s flood. However, dropstones can be formed by mechanisms that don’t involve icebergs. For example, floating tree stumps can have rocks entangled within them, which are then dropped on the ocean floor. Moreover, recent research in the journal “Marine Geology” has shown that a large seaweed known as kelp has a surprising ability to carry and drop sizeable rocks. So dropstones don’t disprove Noah’s flood.

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