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Exploding whales - sinking a fishy fossil theory

26 Jul, 202301:00

Did you hear about the whale that exploded?

In 2001 a dead whale floating off the coast of South Australia did just that. Authorities became worried because people who'd ferried out to the whale in charter boats where standing on the whale's carcass while white pointer sharks tore at the whale's flesh. They called in the police bomb squad to sink it, but after detonating three explosives inside the whale's belly it still refused to sink.

Many people think that when a fish or whale dies it sinks to the bottom of the ocean where it gradually gets covered by sediment and slowly becomes a fossil. But this doesn't make sense. Dead fish and whales float. If pieces do make it to the ocean floor, crabs and bacteria consume them. But we find lots of fish and even whale fossils, showing that they must have been buried quickly, like in the global flood of Noah, that the Bible records.

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