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Feathered dinosaurs?

28 Feb, 201400:59

Unless you've been living underground for the last few years, I'm sure you've heard of feathered dinosaurs. It seems we're constantly hearing that birds evolved from dinosaurs, some have even suggested that KFC could change its name to KFD, Kentucky fried dinosaur.

But not all evolutionary scientists accept the dino to bird dogma. A prominent one is renowned ornithologist Alan Feduccia of the University of North Carolina. He recently stated, "The theory that birds are the equivalent of living dinosaurs and that dinosaurs were feathered is so full of holes that the creationists have jumped all over it." He further laments, "With the advent of feathered dinosaurs we are truly witnessing the beginnings of the meltdown of the field of paleontology."

Those looking for evidence that birds evolved from dinosaurs will be disappointed because the creator told us he created birds before land animals, such as dinosaurs.

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