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Finely tuned Earth - designed for life

07 Mar, 201400:59

If you were able to choose the planet you lived on, which one would it be? Well, I would definitely choose earth, because it is so well suited for life. Whether you're considering the Earth's distance from the sun, or its gravity, axial tilt or magnetic field, one conclusion is inescapable. Earth is finely tuned for life. Many see this as evidence for a designer but others don't. If earth wasn't finely tuned, they say, we wouldn't even exist so it doesn't indicate a designer. But is that a satisfactory answer? Imagined you were dragged before a trained firing squad and they all fired and all missed. If I asked you why you're not dead and you answered, "Well if I did die I wouldn't be here to tell you," you think I'd be satisfied with that explanation? In the same way, atheists cannot give a satisfactory answer for earth being so finely tuned for life.

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