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Global flood on Mars -- but not on Earth?

21 Mar, 201400:59

In recent years, NASA probes have sent back images of our nearest planet Mars. These images have prompted some scientists to suggest that a global flood once carved the Martian landscape, even though no liquid water has yet been found.

The Bible records and event that certainly sounds like a global flood on Earth. Genesis records that, "All the mountains under the heavens were covered." Jesus himself, referring to those not on Noah's Ark, said, "The flood came and took them all away."

Unlike the illusive water on Mars, water covers 70% of the earth's surface and water deposited sedimentary rock covers much of the land surface. So isn't it strange that many people who are open to the possibility of a global flood on Mars, despite the absence of water, immediately dismiss any suggestion that a global flood occurred on earth.

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