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Goosebumps: an evolutionary leftover?

15 Jul, 201601:01

Goosebumps form when we our skin gets cold. According to some evolutionists, we develop these bumps on our skin at the base of body hairs because we are supposedly related to hairy ancestors, for which they served a purpose. Since humans have minimal hair, they often dismiss goosebumps as a ‘non-functional relic’ of our supposed evolutionary past. However, human goosebumps are not useless. Even with the small amount of hair we have, when it stands on end, it helps to conserve body heat by trapping more air. Also, the muscles associated with goosebumps help squeeze oil onto the skin and the hairs help prevent the oil glands from becoming clogged. Moreover, the muscle contractions generate heat, of which more can be generated by shivering. Goosebumps, therefore, do not necessarily support the idea we are related to hairy animals. But they do provide evidence for a common designer, using the ‘goosebump concept’ in many different creatures.

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