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Information and the origin of life - Did cells write their own software?

11 Apr, 201400:59

What is something computers and humans have in common which constantly needs upgrading in computers but not in humans? The answer is software. You might not have realized that you have software but inside the nucleus of each of your cells a program is written in the form of three billion DNA letters.

Intelligent programmers write computer software but what about living things? Evolutionists tell us that the information in the first living cell just appeared by itself, with no intelligent input required. But is that possible? The answer is a resounding no.

Even one of Australia's best known scientists, Paul Davies, conceded that, "There is no know law of physics able to create information from nothing." And perhaps that's why, in a New Scientist article, he lamented, "How did stupid atoms spontaneously write their own software? Nobody knows."

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